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Welcome to MinimalistBoy,

As you can see the design of this website is very minimal, I will talk about interesting facts about life and how to become minimal and why you should be dealing with minimalism. 

I am a boy obviously and right now in 2018, I am 31 years old, I consider my self a self-taught person and a huge rebel. Unfortunately is hard for me to listen to other people advise, but I always try to analyze any advice in order to get the best I can out of life. I trust only my self.

I am writing this minimalism blog because I am looking to find interesting people and maybe grow a business around it with someone that will appreciate my ‘I guess Wise‘ posts.

I am from a country that is struggling at the moment, but with the power of the internet, I would love to make it shine as in the ancient times of the Roman Emperor. (Yasss I am Italian).

I have traveled 82 countries at the moment and lived for more than 1 year in 5 different ones, or more I guess.

Feel free to contact me and let’s make Italy and Minimalism Great again.


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Peace out.

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MinimalistBoy About
A brief introduction to who's the minimalistboy. I would love to teach you something and I would love you to teach me something.
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