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Get Rid Of All Of Your Anchors

Anchors are all the stuff that keeps you anchored in the same place giving you zero chances to live a life of freedom.

We are all anchored to our parents, our jobs, our debts, our social statutes and so on.

Some anchors cannot be changed, like our parents and our body, some other anchors are created by us during our lives.

It is important to let go of all of the anchors that keep us anchored to the same shit.

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In this article, I will try to explain to you what can be an anchor and how you could improve your life with no more anchors around.


Why Do We Build Anchors?

The main reason why we build anchors is that we are all looking for certainty.

Certainty gives us the chance to answer the most popular questions that humans are asking us.

Giving the most accurate and prestigious answer to these humans elevates our social statutes and then we feel happy.

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ship and anchor

I can use this simple example to clarify this.

Suppose that you are a 25 years old kid and you have no job and money but your passion is to fly kites.

Now, you are going to eat dinner out with your family and some of their friends you never met.

These ” friendsfirst question, after they know your name, is probably going to be something like:

So “Name”, what are you doing in life?

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This is such a vague and huge question that no one in this world can reply with certainty, but still, it gets most of the time a very short answer.

The answer is in most of the cases something like explaining what’s your job, duties and what kind of slave you are.

This is happening because we are anchored to our social status that suddenly takes the place of who we really are.

We identify ourselves in our jobs and we don’t even dare to tell unknown people that in life we love to fly kites, to eat, to travel and so on.


These answers even if more accurate almost never are given.


What Are The Most Popular Anchors

Everything around you can be an anchor, from a mortgage to a simple emotion or circumstance.

There are:

  • easy to eliminate anchors.
  • difficult to eliminate anchors.

The easy ones are the ones you need to get rid of your life as soon as possible.

These are very easy to eliminate and all you need is your willpower. These are most of the time money related or a personality thing like laziness.

Some examples can be:

  1. bills.
  2. useless stuff.
  3. mortgages.
  4. memberships (gym, etc…).
  5. being lazy to walk.

The hard ones instead are the ones that are keeping us away from our dreams. These are mostly related to family stuff, bad relationships, health etc…

Some examples can be:

  1. a negative family.
  2. a health condition.
  3. bad friends.
  4. confusion.
  5. lack of passion.

A lot of people needs to be trained or told that spending money on futile stuff is not good for you. (This is ridiculous to me!).

Certain banks like N26 which is my favorite bank has features to help you with that.

You can put your money into “spaces” and then control yourself better so that you dont spend money.

n26 spaces

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If you need help to prevent yourself to spend money, the “spaces” feature of N26 is what you need.

This will only solve some parts of your “easy anchors” problems though.

You will also need to have will-power and control on the bad parts of your personality, like being lazy etc..


Get Rid Of The Difficult Anchors

The first thing you need to do is to identify your anchors.

You will need to grab OneNote or pen and paper and list them all.

This process can take a few days or weeks but you need to visualize them on a list.

Every time that you are somewhere and you feel like you are stuck, write down your emotion or cause on that list.

Once the list is complete you need to group these anchors in easy and difficult ones.

As I said before to get rid of the easy anchors you will need just will-power and maybe some tricks like a cool minimalist bank like N26 to help you organize your money.

To eliminate the difficult anchor’s instead it’s more difficult and you must devise a ploy.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is my family keeping me anchored here?
  • Am I overwhelmed and happy by this action?
  • Are my friends helping me become a better person?
  • Do I really love my girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • When was the last time I was thunderstruck?

If the answers to these questions are not satisfying you, you need to change something in your life.

You need to change your behavior or even something simple in order to get a better answer to these questions.

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The questions are different from person to person and not absolute!

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Anything that doesn’t bring you joy will sooner or later just take off time from your life and we are all living in a limited time as humans.



The world is big, you will never be able to visit any corner and meet all the people of this world but you can try to do it.

I am not here to tell you that exploring the world and hearing stories needs to be your purpose in life, but at least for me is something fun and nice to do.

I often face situations where even old people that lived all of their lives together with the same person anchored in paying the bills and fighting with their loved ones for stupid stuff are not happy.

The model of life we are all trying to pursue, the American dream and all of this stuff lead in 90% of the cases to unboundedness and sadness.

You need to let go and live with less stuff as possible, less bullshit, less objects, less problems, less conflicts, less anxiety, less stress.



I don’t like to copy sentences or quotes but I can not find a better way to formulate this already famous  sentence:

Less Is More

Having fewer things around you that can make you stuck in one location or status will give you more time and freedom.

Remove from your life all the stuff and emotions you don’t really need.

Make a list of things you can not survive with and a list of all the anchors you have.

Everything that you possess will take off joy and freedom from your life! So unless you really need it, let it go.

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