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What If I Wake Up In The Apocalypse?

A few days ago I went to visit a beautiful place, I was a little tired and I started to think weird, my mind saw the apocalypse burning all the beauty and I was left alone there.

I am not mad yet, but still, sometimes I think very negative and my sleeping problems have a big influence on my mind.

I started to think questions about, what if I was the only person survived to the apocalypse and nothing around me was the way it was.

I started to think that I would never be able to relax and have all the comfort that I have right now.


fire burning


I would have no place to sleep, no food, no friends and mostly no more internet! JK

What I would do in an apocalypse scenario was pretty clear to me, and I would like to write about that here.


Apocalypse Definition

I don’t believe in God but nonetheless I grew up in the western world and with Christian culture.

I have heard about the word apocalypse several times but never understood what actually was.

Each time we say apocalypse we are talking about a situation that is generally speaking extreme and not comfortable.

Where eventually death will come pretty soon.

If you search for the definition of this word it will come up something like:

disclose the truth!

In fact, according to me is exactly when all our comforts disappear and all our fears get together that we start to grow and see the truth.


nothing left


Minimalism And The Apocalypse

Going back to the beautiful place I have visited a few days ago, my vision was pretty clear and my thoughts started to kick in so much.

What if I’ll get stranded on this hill with no car and people around me going crazy about the fire and the destruction.

I could not even think that I needed to sleep because if i was going to sleep i would not be able to get food and someone while sleeping would probably try to eat me.

I would never be able to relax on that beautiful view and probably all of my fears would disappear to take place of survival instinct.


car and houses


The mind is very twisted, in fact in the modern world we can not control it anymore.

People start to get crazy and they are facing their apocalypses every day.

They have ridiculous problems compared to the ones we are supposed to have. Having too much gives people zero hopes of happiness.

If I think about my biggest worries, I suddenly understand that all of them are frivolous and like a whim.

My biggest apocalypse thoughts are:

  1. will I find a girl that loves me for real?
  2. will I be able to pay the bills until i die?
  3. will I stay healthy?
  4. what will be my future?
  5. etc…

If I was in the real apocalypse instead they would be:

  1. what I am going to do right now.
  2. how can i get food?
  3. how will i survive a night of sleep?
  4. how to rebuild a better world?
  5. etc…



The apocalypse that we all have in our minds is detrimental and the cause of it is because we have too much.

Having too much is addictive and makes us wanting even more.

The problems that are making us sick and depressed and crazy are nothing compared to the real problems we would have to face in a real apocalypse scenario.

Probably what I would do if I was the only human left on the planet would be just to enjoy the moment and try to get food and rebuild a new society less scared then the previous one to see the real truth.

Facing the apocalypse in your head is like contemplating your own death.

There is nothing more productive than visualizing your own corpse to make you feel alive for real.


city apocalypse


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