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This Is Why You Should Always Ask Questions And Why

If you ask questions all the time is definitely a good sign, especially asking a lot why is a sign of big intelligence.

I am sure that even if you think that you have reached the perfection there is always a better solution to whatever you are trying to do.

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People who think that having a degree or that they know more than you are ignorants that will never have any success.

I will make an article about curiosity very soon, but asking questions is definitely a symptom that you are a curious inside.


Why Ask Why?

If you look back at the history and even to your own history if you are a good observer you can fast figure that you probably ask questions in a different way compared to when you were a kid.

The brain of a newborn kid is empty and not shy! When you are a little kid your brain ‘computing power‘ is more powerful and kids are constantly learning new stuff day after day.

They will become fluent in a language within a few years without knowing how to read and what language they are learning.

They just learn from everything that surrounds them being naked in front of any given opportunity they have the chance to interact with.

I don’t personally remember my story but some of my relatives told me multiple times that until probably the age of 10 if not more I was an asking why machine.

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I was tiring the people around me because I was asking why for absolutely everything, and honestly, even though I talk a lot less, every time I am with other people or I see something I already saw but I did not analyze profoundly I still ask questions and especially why.

For instance yesterday I went to the beach with a friend, I have found a shell in the sand, and I have stared at it probably for 30 minutes.

I have started to think how it was possible that shell structure was so perfect and then I have asked my self so many whys.

Asking why and trying to find better solutions to things will make you more powerful because knowledge will bring money and happiness.


The Biggest Benefits That You Get When You Ask Questions

When you ask questions you put yourself in a situation where you are willing to learn more than what you already know.

This is the way I think: I am 30 years old and people can assume that I am able to walk but honestly with my way of thinking I am not.

I mean I can walk around but I am sure that if I would have more time to improve my walking skills asking questions to different kind of people I could relive my back pains or consume less my shoes and probably become a better walker.

You probably know how to walk but you could definitely improve the way you are walking just asking questions around.

Here are some benefits, you can gain when you ask questions:

  • solving a problem in a more effective way.
  • learn new skills.
  • humility.
  • you will push yourself to stop being lazy.
  • it will keep you engaged with the reality.

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Be A Minimalist With Things And Not With Learning

You need to remove from your life everything you don’t need so that you have a better picture of what you really need.

Try to ask questions like these ones to start cleaning up your mind:

  • why do I need this?
  • why did I buy this?
  • why I still have it if I don’t use it?
  • why I still have this item?
  • why it takes me so long to throw it away?

If you start removing from the things you don’t need it will be easier to discover what you really need.

Also when you are surrounded by people trying to ask why and how as many times as you can so that you can learn every time you go out.

Your mission as a minimalist it has to be to become a more interesting person each day better than before!

There is no better way to learn things than when you ask questions to other people!




Every genius or millionaire it is proven that was or is a constant curious person.

People in love with life never stops asking why because life is made of uncertainty and we are all looking for the better answers.

Knowing that you don’t know is the only way to reach perfection and progress in life.

The ones who think that they know everything and that the opinion of some second-class citizen or ignorant person means less than yours are the stupids.

Each of us can teach the world a lot but when you stop asking why and how and you are never mesmerized by the beauty of the world you will fail.

You need to find the everything in nothing and never stop to ask questions that can improve your life to the next level.

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