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Hard Decisions Make You A Better Decision Maker

Learning how to make good decisions, is a skill that you will spend your entire existence to become a better decision maker.

Most of the time taking decisions is very hard. For some people, even the easiest decision to make can be very hard.

The most straightforward trick to make good decisions is to break down the decision into smaller decisions.

You need also to figure out what are your fears, some people can take with ease some decisions that for some others are hard to take.

decision making steps

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Becoming a Good Decision Maker Has Become Harder

In my opinion, it is harder to make a decision in our times compared to the ones of our grandparents if you still have them.

The reason why I think that, is because we have an exaggerated range of choices we can take. We can get so many different kinds of cars, millions of t-shirts, thousands of studies and career path we can follow.

What happened to my grandparents, was that they didn’t have to choose any career path, they were just doing what was right to survive.

My grandpa was a bricklayer like 90% of his friends and my grandma was working in hotel rooms. By the age of 25, they already had 2 kids and built a house with their bare hands.

Every time I speak with them they are complaining about the fact that they worked all their lives. They will leave everything to the next generations that did nothing compared to them.

I think that they did all of this because they didn’t have any other choices. Their level of confusion was drastically lower than ours. Or at least I am speaking for my self.

We are all caught up in this endeavor of pursuing a career made of millions of choices, and people tend to not know what they really want.

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Meanwhile our grandparents or at least mine they have become great-grandparents, they worked all the time no questions asked.

And now yeah, they are old and they can not enjoy what they have made. But they are complaining only because they can, and because they have everything. Otherwise, they would not complain as they never complained before.

Becoming a minimalist also in removing all the unnecessary decisions we can take is what we have to do.

10 Powerful Ways to Become a Better Decision Maker

In my experience here are some good points that made me a better decision maker or at least that helped me to become a better decision maker than before.

  1. Learn From Mistakes: There will be always a time you will make a decision, easy or hard does not matter. If you end up understanding that taking that decision was a big mistake for some reasons. Don’t bitch about it but instead learn from it.
  2. Follow Your First Intuition: Usually, at least for me, the first thing that pops to mind when it’s time to take a decision is the best thing to do. We always spend the time to think about better solutions. But 90% of the cases the first instinct or idea we have is what we should do. Talking about something material, easier to understand, here an example. If you are about to buy a new phone, usually the first one that came to your mind is the one you end up buying.
  3. Listen To Your Body: Your body is giving you signals on things, you can experience anxiety or fear or any other emotion. Listen to those signals because are the ones that will lead you to the right decision.
  4. Gain More Confidence: Taking a serious decision is all about how confident you are with yourself. Spend time improving your confidence.
  5. Break Down Into Smaller Choices: Big decisions can usually be broken down into smaller ones, and or be taken with less rush. Like if you need to buy a house. Take your time to maybe rent first and then buying and so on.
  6. Ask People Advice: Surround yourself with people that are able to understand you and give you good advice. Do not ask things like:”how can I do this?” but rather ask “what do you think about this?“.
  7. Do Research: Read books, use Google and become good on that topic where you need to make a decision.
  8. Do Not Torment Yourself: Don’t think too much about what can go wrong or good, and don’t create many paths or options you can pick. Do not ruin your existence thinking of what to choose. Follow your body reactions first.
  9. Lower Your Expectations: Try to lower your expectations in the first place. If you have very high expectations it is normal that you can experience bigger discontent if things are not going the way you want to.
  10. Reduce The Choices: Narrow down the possible choices that are roaming through your mind to just a few good ones.

What factors influence your decision maker abilities

On top of the psychological work above that, you have to do. It is important to recognize what real factors influence your situation.

Hard Decisions Make You A Better Decision Maker

Here are some of the most annoying factors that can blur your decision maker skills. If you have some of these problems it might be harder to become good in taking decisions and become a better decision maker.

You need to try to solve those problems first to be more mentally coherent.

  • Not sleeping enough.
  • Poor Nutrition.
  • Depression.
  • Starvation.
  • Anger.

Otherwise, if you are bored there are plenty of tools like this one, that obviously will not work but that can give you a decisive answer for sure.


Becoming a minimalist also in decluttering yourself from too many choices, alternatives multiple ways and paths will help you in making better decisions.

There are too many opportunities and roads we can take, that had become harder to pick just one happy decision.

The world gave us too many chances of saying the word “if”. We are abusing that word and life should be more simple at least with decisions.

The good thing is that is always better to have more alternatives than having none. Is up to you than to filter the unnecessary ones from the necessary ones and become more minimalist also in that.

hard decisions

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