what skills to put on resume

Different Types Of Skills | Not Hired Meaning

Different types of skills can actually harm you in your job research and career, the world needs more idiots.

I am going to explain why having different types of skills can actually cause more problems in your life, because the world rewards monotone people.

If you have different types of skills, and you list them all in a resume or at a job interview you will get your recruiter scared.

what skills to put on resume

I have a lot of skills and talents! I have noticed lately that if I am trying to apply for a job or I just have an interview I scare the shit out of them.

If you want to know why having different types of skills is a problem if you aim for a career, read this article. It’s gonna be cool, this is what I think, your opinion is important to me.

Why you can’t get a job if you have different types of skills

Getting a job is becoming harder and harder. A lot of people is not willing to despond to a second-class job, and everyone is in pursuit of a degree.

Having a degree, for the mediocre man mindset of this world, means not having to do a second-class job, and becoming certificated to do a certain something.

If I am telling you that I really know how to solve a problem, that is my passion and I know how to it, but I have no qualifications on it, I am going to be less considered.

Who’s gonna grow carrots and apples if we all want to be first-class citizens? 

I guess all that’s left is staying home, and hoping that someone hires you for your supposed skills in something.

So you start learning different types of skills on the side. You become good in many things, and then, it’s time to submit a job application! But they want a skinny resume with just a few things on it.

So you shrink all your knowledge on one page. Somehow you end up on a chair in front a recruiter that knows jack shit about you.

That person is trained to make you feel a little uncomfortable, which is fucked up. You are going to sign-up your life for slavery to make someone else rich and still, they want you to feel awkward.

Then if your mindset is one of the poor servants, you will pander what they have to say to you and eventually, you will get a job. Even though you do this just to bring home a salary.

different types of skills

What happens to me, is that I put in all my skills and knowledge and I scare the fuck out of them. Now I am going to tell you why.

Why I am scaring the shit out of recruiters and the average humans as well

The reason why I scare the shit out of recruiters and the average humans is that I have too many different types of skills.

When I start to talk about how good I am in fixing motorcycles, wheeling with motorcycles (I can be a stuntman with that skill). I am awesome with road trips and traveling the world.

That I know 2 languages very good and 2 other languages pretty good and other things. They don’t understand on what I have wasted all my life to focus on. Like most of the people do. (only one thing).

They don’t understand that a human is actually capable to become good in many things and not just in one.

You can see that if I am trying to explain that to a recruiter, they will just say: so what kind of job you wanna do?

We need someone able to repeat the same shit all life long. We don’t need someone that knows how to do everything and that might want to change its function too soon.

I am not looking for a job now. But I was looking for jobs before I was able to make a living with the internet as an affiliate. It was a struggle, I don’t know how all you guys do it.

Here is a list of skills I can put on resume

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): I know a lot about SEO, SERP. How Google ranks sites and how to make them rank.
  2. Web Developing: I am quite good in building websites, I know several coding languages and tools and WordPress.
  3. Civil Engineering: That was my college studies.
  4. I know how to study: I have learned how to learn! Which is something that people usually forget and not even put on a resume or is not considered as a skill to put on a resume. But in fact is the most important skill. When I put on a resume that I know how to learn, they think I am crazy. But in reality, a lot of people does not know how to learn.
  5. I know psychology and psychiatry: I have studied psychology and psychiatrist and drugs interactions with the human body. I wanted to figure out what was wrong with my sleeping and I did not trust doctors.
  6. I know how to workout: I know how to create workout routines, and I can actually be a personal trainer. I know how to gain mass, lose weight and what exercises to do.
  7. Nutrition: I know what to feed to my body. I know what amount of nutrients I put in my body and how to make diets.
  8. I know how to harvests vegetable, fruit: I know how to put seeds and farm.
  9. I know how to kill the pig, and animals and eat them: I know how to kills pigs, lambs, ducks and eat them.
  10. I know how to cook: I have a very good sense of what tastes good combining food. If I follow a recipe I make a kick-ass dish. Most of the time I just follow my heart and it tastes good and there are the nutrients I want to assume in my meal.
  11. I know how to fix iPhones, and computers: I know how to fix broken iPhones and Mac Computers.
  12. I know how not to get arrested: I know how to avoid troubles with the police.
  13. I know how to steal cars, motorcycles: I can steal cars and motorcycles pretty fast if I want too and I need too. And limit the risk to get caught.
  14. I know how to sell things and make money: I know how to buy stuff and re-sell it for a higher price.
  15. I know how to start a business: I know how to start a business that can bring in cash and happiness.
  16. I know how to drive traffic to websites and affiliate marketing: I know a lot about affiliate marketing and how to make money with blogs and websites.
  17. I know how to generate a passive income: I know the best ways to generate passive income so that you earn cash while you sleep and drive around the hills.
  18. I know the best practices to sleep well: I know how important is to sleep and how to improve your performance throughout sleeping. ( still, I need to become better at the sleeping thought but it’s one of my goals.)
  19. I know how relationships work: I like to keep relationships with the persons I care and love lasting forever. I have friends all over the globe and we are still friends a lot even if we don’t see each other that much. But we try!
  20. Culture and leisure: I saw museums, landscapes and roads, and restaurants almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere. I like to see every corner and try to experience the situation where I am in like a local.
  21. I know how to live with less: I know how to get rid of stuff and be a minimalist living with only the things I really need, removing the superfluous.
  22. I know how to invest: I know how to invest and I have started to play a lot with cryptocurrencies as well and make tutorials online on how to do it.
  23. I know how to use a mac better than anyone else: I am a mac computer genius, period.
  24. I know how to fix things without having anyone else to do it for me: I can fix anything that breaks. I am even able to do that without the tools that I am supposed to have to do that. I can create tools from nowhere like a magician.
  25. I drive cars and motorcycles like a stuntman: I am not scared of speed and I can go wheeling for 5 miles in the traffic with no problems.
  26. I love personal development: I like to develop my personality and study how my brain works and do personal development.
  27. And many other things…

I don’t want to exclude some of these skills in my resume, I mean some of them I need too in order to shrink it in one page.

hire meaning

But I think that this is so retarded. I have spent time and love to become good at these things, why should I exclude them? Let me know what you think about this because I might be wrong.

An example of how I became good at something

I had serious problems sleeping and went to many psychiatrists and psychologist to try to solve that. I was always skeptical with them and started to study and research hard how to become a better sleeper.

I have got to a point where I had to train them with my knowledge and teach them about what the pills and drugs they were trying to give me were doing.

I didn’t take almost any of those pills and I was trying to do my own research on my body. Sometimes I was successful! I have discovered that I had lack of sugar in the morning. That was causing me to feel bad and hence sleepless. I started to eat sugar in the morning and exercise and it was working on me.

When I was talking about this to my girlfriend or my parents they were just telling me that the psychiatrist studied for years and knew what to do.

But in reality, if I was following all their advice I would have become a parasite of this world. Addicted with all those stupid heavy drugs.

The psychiatrists are allowed to give you heavy drugs that can potentially screw you up for your entire life. It is proven that these things are more dangerous than marijuana and even heroin.

These “doctors” are prescribing you these things based on some canonical patterns and answers you give them.

Unanswered questions

These were the main questions I was trying to ask them, but I have never got a reply:

  • Do you know that almost all anxiety meds and hypnotics impair psychological treatment? If so why are you so happy for me to take all these meds?
  •  What exactly do you think is causing my anxiety and insomnia?
  • What and how these drugs are actually doing that will make it better?

Their replies never satisfied me, so that’s why I decided to learn how SSRIs and insomnia meds and their principles work on your body.

What kind of reactions they give and what parts of the brain are stimulating. I have also studied how these drugs interact specifically with my personality and what consequences they were causing. And other different types of skills I was getting less efficient taking these drugs.

This is just an example, but everyday something like this happens, the same applies to a lot of other things. I face my self in front of a situation, and if I feel like I need to solve a problem. I am trying to become the best in solving that problem.

But still, no one cares because I have no degree or experience in that discipline. But in reality, I had become more qualified than the doctors on that specific topic.

Why qualified people is most of the time unqualified

If you think that you know everything about something, you are already the one that knows less than someone else.

You can not know everything about something ever, everything is infinite, and infinite is out of the human reason understanding.

I really love this guy! And in this video is trying to explain why he’s qualified to explain what he’s explaining. If you have patience please listen to that part at least.

I am gonna put it that if you play it, it will start from where he talks about that. I think that this is a very good explanation of what I want to say.

If someone has authority or credentials, doesn’t necessarily mean they know what are they talking about. Leo Gura

When you are too focused on something, you just get good at that specific thing, but you lose sight of the bigger picture.

That is what the world doesn’t want us to become. They don’t want us to see the big picture because otherwise, no one will ever work for someone else.

As a minimalist, I have no objects but instead of having an object I am “buying” different types of skills for my self and knowledge!

Different types of skills dilemma

If you have too many skills it is harder for an employer to give you a specific duty. So this is why I can’t get a job. I had to reinvent my self so I was able to explore the world. Experiencing total freedom not having to deal with a job I hate in order to be happy.

I am proud of what I am and I will still keep doing this. Learning different types of skills and eventually get bored of something I am doing for too long. Then I can switch to something else. 

I don’t want to live life with the idea that I need to wait to retire in order to enjoy life. It is so retarded and still, also the way I think is stupid for 90% of the people I know.

They think I am with my head in the clouds! But in reality, if you think positive and you strongly believe that you can do it, you will be able to do it. 

Hire meaning according to a minimalist

The word “hire” for me is a word strictly related to slavery. If you get hired you basically obey orders for someone else.

In order to be hireable in the 21 century, you need to have different types of skills. But if you have different types of skills in many different disciplines you will scare your recruiters.

For how society is made up of prejudices, a person that has tattoos all over his body or that did drug when was young, cannot be a professor at the university. (in most of the cases).

If you notice, the most successful people don’t care about these things! They are successful even with tattoos and doing drug or living on the edge.

Is this that makes them hireable for themselves! This is all you need to do if you don’t want to become a slave.

You need to hire yourself to kick ass in what you love. Too bad that our education system does not teach us this. As I said in this article, education is important if you know what you are doing.


In conclusions, if you have different types of skills in several areas of expertise you will probably not be able to get a regular job.

Generally speaking, this kind of people is rare! If it exists they will either become successful or succumb to the cruelty of life.

If you think positive and you have visions of your bright future instead of a doomed shitty life, you will have success and you will avoid being ensnared in social expectations.

Most people think that needs to get educations to be called with a title and become an expert in something. But in reality, you cannot become expert in anything. What you can do is becoming better but you can not call yourself the best at something.

Knowledge is infinite and as we human, we have no abilities to understand what infinite really is.

how to find a job

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