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Digital Detox And A Simple Life Of Minimalism

We don’t know yet how all this technology and always being reachable on the internet will impact our lives, since it’s a pretty new thing.

Having some rules and being able to not abuse using the internet, clear our minds to reconnect with the reality can be called digital detox.

I am really interested in this topic because I spend a lot of time working on with my computer and with the internet.

I have noticed that a lot of people uses the internet only for meaningless things. They waste a lot of time with it.

digital detox

Here in this article, I am going to tell you how I use the internet to improve my self.  You should do a digital detox in case you are using technology in a wrong way.

If you are interested in becoming more reconnected with nature and your survivals. Becoming a minimalist even with so much technology around, I will try to write it here in this article.

What Is A Digital Detox?

Related to what’s called digital detox there’s always the acronyms FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This term is used recently for many things. Something that comes at my mind is the famous FOMO with cryptocurrencies.

Like if you didn’t buy for cheap some currencies that cost $0.01 today and then the price would go to $10 in 1 week, you would feel like you missed out a lot.

People usually use the internet to do things that are not going to add any value to their lives. I can not believe that people do that but in fact, it happens all the time.

Looking at tweets or other people facebook statuses, will not make you successful and will detach yourself to become a minimalist. 

As I said earlier minimalism is all about reconnecting with your survivals. But if you keep being reachable and alone with your phone or computer you are gonna be screwed. 

digital detox recipe

My definition of digital detox is something like this:

Being able to use the internet and technology so that you can become a better person and not a robot with no brain.

I also said in another article that we are living in a century where digital dementia is very popular. And you should check out that article too. 

Why Should You Digital Detox?

There are many reasons why you should not be always connected to the internet and looking at insignificant stuff.

What’s the difference between significant and insignificant!

  • Significant is something that will make your body and mind more happy and productive toward your goals.
  • Insignificant is something that is between your goals and helps driving away your dreams.

minimalistboy detox from digital

If you are going to use the technology in a significant way and being able to say no to the meaningless stuff you will become digital detox. 

10 Powerful Steps To Follow To Digital Detox For Good

  1. Install Moment: if you install this app you will be able to see where you spend time on your phone. In case you have no strong willpower, this app will tell you where you are wasting time. It will be worst if you spend more time on Facebook or Instagram than on a productivity app or reading news. Install Moment App Here.
  2. Push Notifications: Enable push only where there’s the need, like text messages, calls, FB messenger and that’s it. Remove notifications from all those crappy apps like Pinterest or Instagram, Snapchat etc..
  3. Power Off: Never sleep with your phone on. If you are a person that gets tempted to use the phone, just power it off when you sleep. If you have some willpower you can leave it in airplane mode so that the alarm will work. 
  4. Get Outside: every time that is possible, get outside. If you have nothing to work on, or you have a day at home do not spend it in front of the TV or meaningless stuff. Please!
  5. Set a Routine: Write down a routine on when you should check all your social media if you really care about them. Let’s assume the best time is in the morning, or after lunch. Try to keep it at 30 minutes max for all of them. Check all your crap you need to check and then enjoy real human contacts and communities.
  6. Find a Partner: If you are single you might want to consider to find a partner. It will be way harder with someone you love around to be so active with social media etc. Try to find someone that is not scrolling the whole day. If it happens to date a person that is scrolling, “OUT!!!”. As theminimalists said: “scrolling is the new smoking“.
  7. Discover Meaning: Spend time with yourself trying to figure out what are your goals in life for real. If you want to become a minimalist you need to be a visionary and have success with little things. If you have no goals or visions you will never be able to understand what’s meaningful for you and can get you closer to your dreams.
  8. Stop Scrolling: Scrolling facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. is a complete waste of time. YouTube can be the best school, there are people teaching awesome stuff. Do not watch cats videos! This can lead also to feelings of inferiority. People tend to post online things that happen to their happy lives. And they usually hide the bad stuff. If you are not strong enough to understand this, you can have psychological repercussions.
  9. Focus: Sometimes it happens that you just pull out your phone without even know why. And then you end up looking at things while maybe you are already in a situation where there’s no need of having to look at the phone. Ask always why you pulled that phone out.
  10. Remove distractions: As a good minimalist, you should know by now that with less stuff around your life will be a lot easier. Having 10 televisions and 4 rooms in a house, it will be harder than having 1 television and 4 rooms. Don’t waste time on buying millions of gadgets for your phone and always the new versions of everything. Wait until nothing works anymore before you buy more distractions.


Social Media, TV, Smartphones and Computers if used the wrong way all they can do is to put us away from our goals and dreams.

I gave you a few tips so that you can detach from this tech world, and foremost how they can add value to your life if used correctly.

Before being able to decide if something give value to your life or not, you need to discover your values and goals/purposes.

I promise you that scrolling is an evil, and if you noticed that your right thumb is bigger compared to a few years ago, I would STOP right now.

digital detox and minimalism

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5 thoughts on “Digital Detox And A Simple Life Of Minimalism”

    1. Thanks for the comment! I am actually doing a 6 months hardcore 19 hours a day of computer work right now! So no digital detox for me! But I am planning to do June, July and August completely Digital Detoxed haha! I know it’s not good to push it so hard but I gotta do it now. I go to pull up in the park 3 times a week and for the rest, only food and computer! what about you?

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  1. 3 months Digital Detox is more than I could ever manage! But your work ethic is also very impressive 🙂

    Sometimes I take a Digital Detox day. I have taken a month before, and it turned into 2 months, because I didn’t miss it and I felt a lot calmer without it. What do you find after a Digital Detox?

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    1. What I usually do is to put my self in an extremely bad condition and zero comfort situation pushing my body to the next level with my digital work! And then just suddenly stop the whole thing for a few months so my body suddenly feels very good and it’s unexpected!

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