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Dream Jobs Are You Serious? It Cannot Be A Dream Job!

A few days ago I stumbled upon a job search engine and I saw on the headline,’ search for your dream jobs ..

I’ve stared at it for a while, then I went driving my car a little bit by the river and I stopped looking at old dudes fishing.

Then I got back in my car and after a few hours thinking how a job can ever be ‘of your dreams‘ I had some thoughts.

These huge job search engines sites are there for you to give you hopes and even dreams of a life working for somebody else.

dream jobs

This is beyond my understanding and I don’t know why it is even legal to put it on a website headline. No one in this world will ever search for a job so that they can have the life of their dreams.

There are no people dreaming about how cool their life would be working a job.

And by the way, the website where I saw that headline is this one startus.cc

Why Do People Work?

I think that people work because not yet they have invented something better to do!

It is probably thousands of years that this concept is among humans and now we are stuck finding those ‘supposed to be dream jobs‘.

People work because they want to have a lifestyle a house and food! Society imposed us to get educated and serve someone.

If we study the ancient history we can always see forms of slavery going on into societies back then! Back in the days the difference probably was that people were more honest and wearing fewer masks then the current times.

Right now we pretend that there is no slavery but in reality, there is a more sophisticated kind of slavery that normal humans don’t call like that.

So when our ancestors were working as slaves for the pharaohs or the imperators and they were treated bad physically it was a bad thing.

If you never used it I strongly advise you to take a look at this website called dollar street! You can compare families around the world through their objects.

gapminder dollar street

You can see that having a toothbrush is a sign of luxury and in poorer countries, they are using their fingers to brush their teeth. In the western world, we are slaves of our hypothetical dream jobs and vices.

Right now we are growing in a place where we are forced to study and pay the bills and work for someone else and pay taxes if we want to be accepted in the society.

There is not a big difference for me between this and a slavery.

Why Do We Need To Wear Masks In Front Of The Recruiters?

They trick us into asking questions that anyone with any sort of intelligence would be able to guess that the answer is just a lie.

If we are looking at this article and also at this one! I have no words on how the man can be so stupid and ridiculous. I mean in order to get a job you need to feel uncomfortable and lie?

What’s the difference between torture and slavery if we are not even free to go to talk to someone and be just ourselves.

There is no way that you can get hired if you tell them that you get drunk and that you hate sitting in a cubicle.

But still, they are all there handing hands all over the place with smiling faces, welcoming you to their prisons.

dream job interview handing hands

What Are Dream Jobs According To Me

There are no dream jobs according to me, we are all part of a big trap and until a radical change will come nothing will change.

Slavery always existed and still exist but in a more evolute and sophisticated way. We are wearing masks all the time and we are programmed to obey and being trapped in the rules.

guy working a shitty job

I know that with no rules there will be chaos and confusion but at least we would be able to express ourselves as humans in a very minimalist way.

If there will be centuries governed by no rules, probably a new concept of working will come out that we are not able to see now in the modern world.

There will be dream jobs when humanity will stop being so hypocritical.


You can not put stuff like ‘ search for your dream jobs ‘on a job search engine! No one looking for a job will ever be excited, this is one kind of mental torture that normal people are not able to see.

They are trying to inject in your head the idea that going to school, pay your loans and get a job is a dream life.

Without talking about the moment when you have a job interview and speak with some recruiter wearing a mask and ready to make you sign the contract for your paid slavery.

Selling time and wasting your life for someone else is the best way to live a life of regrets and emptiness. If you want to be completely fulfilled you need to find your way out of this trap!

I am not completely out of this, but I have a clear picture in my mind of what to do to be a free man. I think that freedom is the best thing we all have and no one in any way can try to make us blind in front of what’s real freedom.

passion led us here

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2 thoughts on “Dream Jobs Are You Serious? It Cannot Be A Dream Job!”

  1. For many people a promotion in life is when they get to trade bronze hand cuffs for silver ones.
    Their dream job is to get promoted to a position where they get to wear the golden hand cuffs.
    All the never realizing or acknowledging they are wearing hand cuffs and can never be truly free.
    They gladly put the hand cuffs on then brag about being busy, always tired and never having time for the important things in life.
    I always find that interesting.

    Thumb Up

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