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Education Is Important If You Know What You Are Doing

Education is important in our life, but the system that has been created is not efficient at all.

If you are touchy and can easily get offended don’t read this post. I might be wrong, but the message that I am getting from how the education system is structured is not a good message.

I am a self-taught MinimalistBoy, all I really know is because I am doing hard research on topics that interest me. I am a native super curious person, and I am studying every day how to get better on certain things.

I have figured that apart from the first years of elementary school where I have learned to count and to write, all the rest I have learned at school was not that important.

The world is moving very fast, and I think that the way that the school system is made is exceeded. I am learning a lot more now that I don’t go to school.

Education is important if you know what are you doing.

importance of education

I have a degree in engineering! Education is important, but honestly, I am interested in many other things and I can not be just an engineer.

I would rather be a curious person instead of being called an engineer. I am getting interested in many things with ease and I hate that the world gives us just a name to be called.

When they are asking me, what’s your job? I just get angry, I hate being labeled as something that never changes. 

Education is important but for many of us just a prison

They want us to learn outdated things and to become the best in something so that you can be called with a title.

Whoever created this system is a genius, it was drummed into your head that to have a nice life you need the education to get a job.

But to get the education you need to pay for it, and what this education will do is to transform you into just a machine or a slave able to undergo orders.

You are learning that the better you know a story the better your grade will be. Instead of learning that there’s no need to study to become better at something. All you have to do is to practice and be curious.

When I was at school I hated philosophy and history. Right now I appreciate them and I know I can take profit from them.

You will never learn how the stock markets work, or how to make money off youtube. Why and how rich people are getting just richer and famous, meanwhile poor people stay the same the whole life.

There are no reasons that people like Donald Trump can lead a country like the United States. And you can see it, but still, there are ignorant people voting for him. No one has the skills to take his place so they just go and vote for someone else.

You don’t have the skills to take Trump’s place because of all of these education issues we have. How is it possible that some people are super rich meanwhile you are stuck in your 9 to 5?

Well, the answer is simple, all the rich people on this world broke some rules.

What breaking the rules means?

If you want to stand out of the crowd, become rich, add value to the society, become an authority or just being noticed, you need to break some rules.

I will give you an example first and then trying to explain it better. I have been living the past 5 years in a country where people is more educated compared to other countries.

There the education system is more strong than in other countries, the weather is nasty and people tend to be less happy. 

education is important

At least in my experience, I was able to observe all these people and I came up that there is a bigger amount of losers over there compared to other countries. By looser, I mean people that just live their life meaningless and obey any orders like a slave.

People, there is more inclined to slavery than in some other poor countries. People there are imprisoned in their ‘collecting coupons life’ and going back from work to spend some time with their families.

You can see them doing activities with no passion and no interest in life like in other sunnier and poorer countries.

People like Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates broke rules. They all were in a situation where their malaise and ability to grasp opportunities transformed them into cash machines.

If we take Steve Jobs, which I consider a nice person! He was a hippy walking with no shoes on campus. He had no idea of what he was doing but I am pretty sure that he always had this sentence in mind.

I didn’t know what this was all leading up to, but it felt right.

Drop out of college or not?

He was breaking rules all the time! He dropped out of college and he started to do what other people didn’t have the time to invest in. Regular people are to caught up in their mundane life of things.

He was a visionary, he was in the right place at the right time and he had become the best entrepreneur of all the time.

You might say, well I am in bad country Steve was living next door to the silicon valley. As you can see in this list, there are billionaires all over the world, and the first countries are also China, India, Brazil etc.

You are not one of that rich person because you didn’t take action and you thought that the formal education was enough.

These guys didn’t break rules dropping college or walking barefoot, but they broke rules with the average standards of living. 

They foresaw their powers and screwed the world becoming the most powerful people in the world because they raised their voice and persisted their visions.

They were able to figure out faster than you do what was a waste of their time in life in order to be more efficient towards their goals and visions.

This is absolutely something that you will never learn at school, and it is the main course for a life full of purposes and wealth.

I see a lot of people that say yes even though they wanted to say no. I see a lot of people that are doing things that they don’t want to do, instead of acting for a better life.

I see people living happily in their mundane life without knowing that at the end of their roads there might be a stream or a nice view.

Education is the key to success

The importance of education is huge, education is the key to success and progress but only if you are smart about it.

You can not waste time learning things that are not gonna be used to reach your goals. Being able to figure out what is a waste of time and what is not is your job.

This is my example, there was a period of my life I had a shit job I hated. I didn’t have the balls to quit it yet and I was forced to learn the local language of the country where I was, to stay.

That felt like a big waste of time for me. I hated my job, the country, why the hell should I have learned the language? It was just to bring back home a salary, but that’s not a life.

I had serious goals about making money online and live a life of minimalism and freedom that learning that stupid language was pointless. Education is important but only if what are you going to learn will add value to your visionary life.

education issues

This is a simple example but I decided to quit my job and not to learn that language. You need to eliminate things that are not moving you toward your visions and goals. These can be material things, persons or situations that need to be changed.

How to constantly educate yourself to become successful

Education is important if you know more than someone else chances are that you are going to become more powerful.

But this does not always happen if you still know more than someone else but you are not able to educate yourself to become the best.

To educate yourself to the next level you need to break rules and be curious. You must have also visions and a passion to work on.

If we are looking at this article we can see the all the ads on the site are ads for you to click to help you to get a job.

If you are educated you can get a job and become a slave to someone else. They emphasize that education is important when in reality is just to make someone else richer.

In all of these how education is important articles, we can often see the words, secure, get a job, comfortable. The importance of education is always linked to a school or someone else teaching you stuff. When in reality:

you need to be the teacher of yourself if you want to excel.

Importance of education, some tips

Here are some steps to take, to close the holes of the education issues we have:

  1. learn every day, every second.
  2. don’t get stuck with the current educational system school-teacher.
  3. have the balls to say, this is useless to study for me.
  4. learn what needs to be learned to reach your visions.
  5. analyze people questions to figure out their needs.
  6. filter the dumb from the good.
  7. use education to build character.
  8. do personal development.
  9. absorb advanced skills from people with more experience than you in a subject, and then become better than these people.
  10. don’t quit to study after college or high school or whatever it is.

The worker becomes all the poorer the more wealth he produces, the more his production increases in power and range.

These, in this article, are values I approve and that a good education can give. Another book to read is called ‘I am Malala‘, The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot.


In conclusion! Education is important but more important is being able to recognize the education issues and what is important to learn to reach your visions and goals.

A lot of people don’t have any visions and goals. That’s why they get stuck in their jobs or life full of complaints and malaise.

The best thing to do is to learn how to learn, I suggest you take that course from Coursera. If you want to become free to do whatever you want you to need to have visions and dreams to pursue.

When you have vision and goals the road gets harder. All you have to is to keep doing it! Believe in it and constantly educate yourself to become better and more efficient.

The importance of the education is all about how you can educate yourself to better things.

education is the key of success

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