Excessories can teach you a lot about how the world works! People lets slip their lives away just to show off what they can buy.

  • Me (text): Hey Bro, where are you?
  • You (text): I am at the mall but I don’t know what I should get.

Excessories are all the stuff we are covered with that is in excess and we don’t need.


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Unless you are a wise and intelligent person having too much money and stuff can only harm you.

In fact, there are a lot of stories of people that became millionaires and found themselves poor again pretty soon, suicidal or even more depressed than before.

In my personal experience, unfortunately, I like to change all the time.

Sometimes I wish I‘ve never traveled, met certain people and I wish I could be more calm and relaxed where I am.



Having too much, experiencing too much, and cover yourself with too many accessories and objects can decompensate your serotonin levels and cause depression once you don’t have all of these things anymore.

That’s why you need to learn how to live free of anchors.


What Are Excessories

Excessories are all the things we buy and have but that we don’t need! All the excess and waste around us.

Some people think that walking around in town with a 5-pound gold watch is better than walking around without it.

Excess is a symptom of power but in fact, is just ignorance and grief.

  • The more you excess the better you will feel, YOLO. (Bullshit)
  • You only live once so you must exceed and show the world how powerful you are! (Bullshit)
  • The difference between a rich person and a poor person can be measured with excessories. (Stupid)
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Ignorance And Excessories Are Strictly Related

The thing I like the most to do in my life is to be an observer.

I love to observe, study and create complex thoughts in my mind.

I like sometimes to stare at people and deeply studying them.

For instance this morning I went to the hospital with my 95 years old grandpa. He had a problem in his eyes so I have waited 2 hours in the hospital waiting room.

While other people in the room was totally bored, for me it was a useful moment.

First of all, my mobile internet connection didn’t work! Walls are big at the hospital and there was no signal.


just say no


This made it simpler to just be there and wait.

What I did was to look at the other people and try to understand what they were doing to pass the time there.

The few people that were able to get some signal were utterly mesmerized from their Facebook newsfeed homepage! They were all scrolling like complete brain-damaged persons.

Some others were just checking the sports news or playing some retarded games where they had to pop stuff and shit.

Yesterday night I went out with my buddies, the summer is next door and we could stay outside!

I was spiritless at some point while my friends were drinking and I started to think about how stupid people are.


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They all walk around cigarettes clouds of smoke that stinks and makes it nasty.

As you can see here, people don’t know how to make sense out of their lives!

They are just spending their hard earned money on false hopes, drinks, cigarettes, and excessories they don’t need.

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In fact, these dudes and gals are just obsessed with their look, possessions and what to drink or smoke next.

None of these people think that if someone doesn’t want to drink maybe he’s right.

The rightness and truth are all in possession of people who do, consume and achieve more; not to the ones that are doing less but wisely.


Say Stop Aloud

A very powerful technique I have discovered that will help you get rid of psychosis and paranoia is to say stop aloud.

There are many times during the day that I talk to my monkey mind and I just say stop in my thoughts.

This is not working very good as if you scream STOP very loud.

You can not start screaming STOP if you are around other people!

What I usually do is to drive in my car and start saying stop very loud.

say stop

This will convince yourself that you need to stop for real.

You should apply this technique also to eliminate negative people around you and excessories.

Each time you feel the need to buy new and useless stuff just say STOP aloud.



Excessories are strictly related to ignorance and mental poverty.

In fact, people who suddenly get rich and buy stuff they don’t need they start to become miserable in most of the cases.

95% of the people, and especially people in the blue stage of the spiral tends to achieve joy buying things they don’t need.

Excess and appearance are what makes them temporarily happy the same way as a cheap, nasty and dangerous drug do.

If you want to experience minimalism, and start living a life of freedom your mind needs to escalate the spiral and reach at least a yellow stage.

I have talked about the spiral dynamics in another article, and you should read it.

Say stop aloud to stop your monkey mind and all the mind rumors.

You will never be able to build an awesome life if you don’t stand out of the crowd with your mind clear and steady.


I am not sure if all of this makes sense. It does make sense to me but in reality, things are harder to explain and very difficult to put on paper. Tweet this or comment below if it makes sense to you. Click To Tweet


too much books


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