holotropic breathwork effects

Holotropic Breathwork | Get Very Stoned For Free

Holotropic Breathwork is a very powerful technique trademarked by Stanislav Grof, considered the greatest psychiatrist alive.

As incredible as it sounds, using this powerful breathing technique you will reach a NOSC (not ordinary state of consciousness).

The effects are very similar to the ones that a psychedelics will give you, and will bring out parts of your life that you are not able to see when completely conscious.

If you don’t believe me, at the bottom of this page there are all the best resources I have found on the internet regarding this.

There is also a 130 pages research pages article, published in a journal and live demo videos on how to perform this technique.

I am writing this on my blog on minimalism, because what’s more minimal than breathing. We are made mainly of what we eat, drink and breathe.

holotropic breathwork effects

If you are interested in getting stoned for free and bring back possible not resolved traumas and even fix your conscious problems. Continue to read this article.

Some History Of Holotropic Breathwork

This technique was invented by Stanislav Grof, also known as the best psychiatrist alive in our times.

Stanislav was deeply involved in researching how psychedelics can improve the life of people with traumas, addiction, and depression.

His research was focused on how LSD, DMT, and psychedelics, in general, can bring back to life possible traumas that an individual might have experienced in life.

His theory is based on the fact that we all might have wounds not healed inside our minds and consciousnesses that only with an altered state of mind can come back, and can be faced, understood and then solved.

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Then, the stupid rules and the world restrictions forced him to stop using this kind of substances on patients.

Since he his a successful person, he didn’t give up. He then started to heavily study ways to re-create this altered state of mind that were legal.

This is how due to some circumstances he found out that breathing in a certain way can alter your state of mind.

This is proven, and you can try tonight, but be careful because you need to know what you are doing. You might experience traumas or even change your life for the good or for the bad with this.


What This Breathwork Is Used For

This technique can be used for many things, being able to discover what’s deep inside us and our inner states can have tremendous benefits.

Some of the problems that are treated with this breathwork technique are these:

  • Addiction to drugs.
  • Addiction to media and technology.
  • Migraines.
  • Depression.
  • Trauma.
  • PTSD.
  • ADHD.
  • And many more.

The technique is very powerful and you should have someone next to you as a guide. It is not recommended for pregnant women. You will have to over contract your stomach and it’s not good for the baby.

Not recommended also for people with hearth conditions, lungs conditions and with heavy mental problems. Do not joke with this technique.

How To Use The Holotropic Breathwork Technique

So now you are all warmed up with a nice introduction to this technique, but you might be wondering how to do it properly.

The concept is very simple, but you might want to look at the video down below to have a nice live demo. Make yourself comfortable in a steady position preferably on the floor, since a rigid pavement helps to breathe like this.

The video will start on how to do it, but in fact, the video is 50 minutes long and you can learn new things listening to it.

The technique is all about fast and deep breaths, were you inhale with your nose or mouth, and exhale with your mouth.

During the exhale part, you want to contract your stomach to expel all the air from your lungs. You don’t want to pause between breaths and once it is exhaled you want to inhale as shown in the video.

The first time I have tried this, it was very challenging for me, first of all, because I have some problems with my nose.

And then also doing this can be exhausting if you are not used to doing these things. For you to be able to alter the state for good, you need to keep going and breath like this for 30 minutes.

But the first time you do that, you might want to start with 10 minutes. Then ramp up to more minutes.

The reason why you want to do this is that you will train yourself to breathe like this. You don’t want to experience the NOSC all at once the first time you do it.

If you feel like this is causing you problems and you feel like it’s not good for you to stop it immediately.

What To Do After The Session Is Finished

Once the timer ends, if you continued to do the holotropic breathwork for good, you will be in an altered state.

When you are in that state of mind, you want to try to just sit back, relax and try to see what your thoughts looks like from the outside.

holotropic breathwork

Don’t judge them, don’t get scared! If you experience your emotions in a bad way and you feel dizziness, nausea etc. Just know that these effects will go away.

If you ever tried to take antidepressant medication also called SSR. You know for a fact that the first weeks or month you take them your symptoms will be enhanced and a lot worse.

Here is the same with holotropic breathwork, but the difference is that is a natural method and we are not going to alter out state with drugs. Drugs can benefit you on certain things and probably are bad on your body under other aspects.


This is an awesome article on a technique that can help you re-discover your primal needs and problems. A lot of people gets stoned with drugs and spend money! When in reality doing research on ancient traditions like the shamans and tribal populations we can learn and spend less.

Altering your state of mind can be necessary under certain situations to improve your quality of life. The main reasons why I say this, are because a completely conscious self can hide things that are not healed and that can still hurt you.

The holotropic breathwork is a powerful technique where you inhale and exhale in a certain way. If performed correctly will induce you in a free NOSC (not ordinary state of consciousness). It’s like getting high for free, from home just breathing.

Some people get stoned just because are bored. I really hate this kind of people! I think that altering your state of mind is necessary and useful only if used the right way to improve your deep self for the best.

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