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I Didn’t Know What This Was All Leading Up To, But It Felt Right

I didn’t know what this was all leading up to, but it felt rightMinimalist Boy

We live life thinking of consequences and taking decisions based on what they can bring to the future and subtract from the past.

I am trying to analyze people, and the more I look into their spirits the more I see that they all pretend to be what they are really not.

I am wondering all the time why I am one of the only ones that don’t have any filter on his tongue. Most of the time I take decisions only because it felt right.

The more I look back in time and meet people I didn’t see for decades and go to places where I had good memories, the more I see that we are all experiencing the same feeling of infinite and being lost with no clear directions.

Even the most preset individual doesn’t deeply know the answer to questions that we all want an answer.

If you ever experiencegoosebumps or an orgasm you can fast understand that those are quick and intense sensations.

boy and shadow ghost

These are like inputs that want to give you a warning sign that you should approach life in a very intense and fast manner.

The sentence at the top of this essay is something that I have been thinking a lot the past few years. Click To Tweet

Whenever you feel lost, with no direction and hopeless, there must be something that feels right.

If you really want something, it will work, if it felt right.


It Felt Right

It doesn’t happen all the time, but there must have been a day in your life where you didn’t know what to do and persisted to do what it felt right.

If you go back in time and try to analyze that situation you will wind up understanding that it was a good decision.

Most of the time if it really feels right, it’s good!

Right now I don’t know what I am doing in life, I have no stable house, I have no regular job, no girlfriend and no intentions to have any of these things anytime soon and it feels very right.

There are days I am just alone in front of the computer running several different businesses. Meanwhile days that I experience life to the next level.

I feel like I have no time to wait for others and to sign contracts and obligations with life. Click To Tweet

ballons in the sky

I don’t want to get married and then pay money to my wife if we will ever divorce just because a law is giving more rights to a woman.

I don’t even want to spend my life working in an office waiting for the weekend and getting some money I don’t even deserve.

Most of the people are telling me that this is crazy just because is not what we are used too!

But for me dude, it feels so right.



I hate it when the world is trying to deprive our freedom.

Most of the people I know live life thinking that their deepest thoughts and hidden lives need to stay hidden.

They all take decisions and hide their passions for something secure and that they are used too. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t make any sense to me that rich people like golfing or riding horses. And a lot of schemes and non-sense stuff are winning in this world.

Intense and short decisions are most of the time what we need to follow in life but it is not easy to actualize that.

People that don’t follow the crowd, and that are able to create an empire around their personality being simple and doing what it feels right is happy.

You will never die until you do Nicole Phillips

it felt right

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