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How To Cut All Your Expenses And Live With Less

In this article, we are going to talk about how to cut all your expenses and live with less!

For me, this is very easy, but I know from the experience that the majority of humans needs guidance when it comes to living with less.

We take for granted that ultimately we are just humans! All the stuff that surrounds us is superfluous and gets us stuck.

If you are a newbie on living a simple life, the most effective step you can take to live with less is to push the reset button.

It probably happened a few times that your computer or your car just needed a reboot to work better right?

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Here I am going to explain what pushing a reset button means!


Live With Less

The best way to start living a simple life with less is to push the reset button.

By pushing the reset button I mean that, if you are in the measure to do it, you should move to a new empty apartment and sell all the stuff you don’t need.

We spend most of our lives working and trying to pay the bills so that we can sleep in a home.

Having a completely empty house will help you realize how little are our basic needs!

Find a house to rent or buy one if you have the money! Rent or buy a newly built house completely empty.

Go to the store or on second-hand websites and buy a bed and a pillow! Then start living your life in the house!

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You will soon start to have the need to buy kitchen appliances and maybe a table to eat and a chair.

Don’t buy 4 chairs if you are alone living in the house. When friends will come they can sit on the floor or you can just enjoy being outside and go for a walk.

Try to spend most of the time if you can outside of the house. Use the house only for work if you are working from home, sleep, and prepare food.

You don’t need to have books, furniture, and souvenirs. Imagine how easier it will be to clean the house and take care of the stuff you don’t have.

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Start To Cut On Stuff

Cutting on expenses is one of the nicest things you can do in life.

It’s like losing weight if you are fat, being single after a bad relationship, being on a road trip with no schedule.

Here are some steps you can follow to cut on expenses and living a simple life with little money:

  1. visualize your expenses in the whole.
  2. write down the ones you can not survive with.
  3. start eliminating the expenses that can be replaced with ease. (make food, don’t buy it for instance).
  4. stop drinking stuff that is not water, and stop smoking.
  5. buy second-hand stuff if you need something.
  6. don’t use cash, use only your N26 Bank and monitor all the money that goes in and out.
  7. brush your teeth to avoid to pay millions of dollars to dentists.
  8. go to the doctor often to check on your body.
  9. be active to decrease chances of diseases and paying bills for cures.
  10. develop skills that will lead you to always get the best deals.
  11. don’t buy stuff if you don’t have the money.
  12. sell unused items.
  13. do ride sharing.
  14. replace bulbs with led.
  15. stop buying clothes, use them until they break.
  16. start saving smartly.
  17. cancel 90% of your membership and recurring plans.
  18. travel cheap and use Airbnb.
  19. invest in high-quality stuff, a minimalist is a long-term thinker.
  20. set goals about your future.


What Are Some Good Examples Of Less Is More?

Becoming minimalist is the simplest thing to do if you are smart!

As I have explained in my previous article and you should read it!

Your journey toward minimalism consists in passing from your red, or blue stage on the spiral to higher stages and eventually become a yellow stage.

Having less stuff will set you free from anchors and you will be able to experience total freedom!

Total freedom is all I wish to people in this world dominated by ambiguous slavery.

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Live with less if you can, and be grateful for what you already have. Living a minimalist lifestyle needs to be something simple, not a hurdle.

We are trained so that we have joy owning more and better stuff, but what if in fact joy come from having less?

This would rewrite how society is built and probably a lot of stuff, like wars and wasting food will stop.

Is it possible to live a life free from materialistic desires?

The answer is yes, material things will just get you anchored with no hopes to grow and find happiness.

Drinking beer, smoking stuff, buying more things will just sink you in more responsibilities and less freedom.

Why do I want to get rid of all my stuff?

I don’t like to think too much!

I mean I like a lot thinking about serious problems, but I don’t want to include in my thoughts things that are not worth to be thought.

I don’t want to waste time thinking where I have left my scarf when the winter comes. I want to be able to directly go into my room and find it.



Living well spending less needs to become something easy and not a snag.

If you want to live with less you need to become a long-term thinker and moving toward the yellow stage on the spiral.




The 5 most important things you need to always consider are:

  1. visualize expenses.
  2. cut unnecessary expenses.
  3. remove all your anchors.
  4. try to move to stage yellow on the spiral.
  5. be a long-term thinker.
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