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Minimalism Depression To Be Happy

Hello World, this is how any computer science guru starts off their journey, I am a boy who likes to have less than more. Why? (here are some reasons..).

I am living an unstable life, where I have no home yet, I mean I lived in the same place for the past 4 years but I honestly hate it.

I am living in a country where always rains and where I don’t feel at home. (in my home country, I could not get a job back then in 2013).

It is also true that no matter where you live, and you can be happy wherever you want; if you want too.

minimalism depression to be happy

Introductions to the minimalist life and more

Well, that’s not my case, I am not happy wherever I go, (minimalism depression). I am constantly worried about the future and I have always millions of projects roamings through my mind. That’s why, having less material things around me, helps me focus on my goals.

I was born 31 years ago, and so my life started 31 years ago and I have started to count the years from then to now. When I was 1 year old, 365.25 days passed according to the system that the world created.

I don’t remember a lot about those times, but I guess there were birthdays with a cake and some family members pulling my ears. Until I was probably around 5 when I have started to remember facts about my life.

The family of the Minimalist Boy

I grew up with a great family, no drugs no alcohol and always food on the table, but what missed was love and maturity. My mom and dad were so different, that I have started to develop some strong skills in the background, without even noticing it.

I have started to split my self in 2 persons, one part of me was the:

  • ‘I don’t give a fuck shallow looking part of me’.

and the other part of me was the:

  • ‘I am so sensitive that all my surroundings get affected’.

So I think I have screwed up to start a minimalism blog, and I should have written a book instead because now that I have started to write, it looks like I can not stop talking about my personal life. But don’t worry I am a pretty smart guy and at the end, I will put up some great minimalism stuff too.

Why have I started to talk of my self?

So, I have started to talk about my self, because as it is now February 8th, 2018 I am going through one of the hardest periods of my life. And probably some dark sides of me will come out when writing down my thoughts. That’s why I have called minimalism depression this first post.

There are people called psychiatrist and psychologist that labeled me as a depressed person, but honestly, I don’t think I am at all.

I am a very negative thinking person, and I have serious troubles sleeping but I have a lot of goals and I even though I thought about suicide quite often, inside of me I want to kick ass and change the world so bad.

I am sorry for that but it’s the way it is, and I think that being minimal and believing in something, is the thing that keeps my body parts still together.

Recap of minimalism depression psychology

So to go back to my childhood, I always thought that I never had any problems and that psychology was some kind of bullshit. (I was wrong).

I always felt like I had some superpowers to control the human minds, and to make things that I really wanted to happen, the reality.

I always wanted to move to my mother’s town, which was 80 miles more or less from my father town, I was born in my mom’s town and grew up in my dad’s town until I was 11 or 12 I guess. When my parents divorced, I moved with my mother to mom’s town, in my grandpa and grandma house. The house was built with my lovely grandpa’s blood. I then started to do crazy shit. By crazy, I mean really crazy and unbelievable stuff, that I am not sure yet I will talk about it.

The best definition of me that I can give to my self is this one probably:

I am a boy with an unlimted curiosity for everyhing, who  is wise and think like an old man but acts and is confused like a child.

Introduction to my self, now let’s talk about being minimal a little bit.

If you are reading this, you are probably living in 2018 or in the future, what I am able to see with my eyes is a really fast moving forward for technology and artificial intelligence society.

I see that people that don’t deeply understand how fast this is going, are being mowed out of society pretty quickly. I see that important business person that still avoid computers, social media, and artificial intelligence, are cut off very fast.

Being minimal for me means that :

 you will be able to adapt to the fast moving forward of the society because you have to deal with less stuff you don’t need around you.

And also since any sort of object that you have right now will be outdated so quickly that you will not need it anymore.

A simple example here.

Let’s assume that you are working in London, UK and you have an amazing job, you start going to your lame job. You will have a family probably soon and you will start to fill your house of stuff that needs to be replaced, cleaned or that you will never probably use.

One day you get bored of your life and you decide to move to the country, you will need to throw away all your outdated stuff and get new stuff that you think you need while instead, you don’t.

Minimalist Boy Outline of the Blog and Expectations.

So what can you expect from this blog? 

  • You will get straightforward insights and important notions on how to overcome your thirst for more.
  • You will learn and read interesting stuff.
  • You will probably read stuff that makes sense only to me, but if analyzed for good, will improve your quality of life.
  • you will learn how to use the powers of minimalism.
  • you will learn how to make the necessary money that will allow you to live a simple, and fulfilled life without having to work 9 to 5.
  • You will put your brain constantly in a condition of ‘am I doing the right thing’ or ‘ what can I do in order to achieve that.
  • You will start to learn to act rather than procrastinate.
  • You will start to feel better and you will share my posts with your friends.

If you are looking forward to more content, bookmark this blog. Share it with your friends and spread some rumors about it.

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