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Minimalist Blog Introduction To Minimalism

This Minimalist Blog Introduction will be a very short article talking about some other blogs and minimalism stuff.

This is one of the first articles on this blog, and I feel like I need to explain a little bit what a minimalist blog is for me.

Probably if you are going to google: minimalism, they will come out three of the most important minimalism websites on the internet which are:

These guys are making it a killer with their blogs!

And here are just some other names: simple life, zen habits, Colin Wright, Courtney Carver, exile lifestyle.

minimalist blog

The Minimalists made a famous movie on Netflix, you can check it out here, and they are focused on making speeches around the world trying to inspire people on minimalism.

BecomeMinimalist is more focused on family and life problems and honestly I don’t like the website, is hard to navigate.

MinimalistBaker instead, she is a genius or something similar, she is making food with fewer ingredients that are good to eat. So this girl she is doing good with minimalism related to food.


What It Will Be About This Minimalist Blog

Minimalist Boy will be a blog focused mainly on these key factors, which at least for me are very important:

  1. Psychology.
  2. Living Healthy.
  3. Make Money From Anywhere.
  4. Live Cheap.
  5. Minimalism as a tool.

I will try to combine articles related mainly to those categories. Even though I am still a lot confused about how to do it, I will do it.

I have all lined up my thoughts in my OneNote. And my job will be to put together my thoughts in a nice way and create a great blog.


What Is The Minimalist Boy?

I could have called this blog by any other name, but since I am living simply with the things I really need, and I am happy like this, I have called it Minimalist Boy. 

A blog on minimalism can be everything you want, minimalism itself is something so minimal that it can be transformed into anything.

Relating psychology to minimalism in a blog can be interesting, so I will do that.

Another thing I love about being minimal is trying to live a life to the fullest.


How To Live A Life To The Fullest

To live a life to fullest you will need mainly these 3 things:

  • keep your health good.
  • not having a regular job with a boss.
  • be curious.


Stay Healthy

Trying to stay healthy is a big challenge these days, we are all addicted to tv and the internet, this kind of life is slowly killing us. You will need to:

  1. eat well.
  2. exercise regularly.
  3. have friends.

I will talk about how to achieve these three goals, in a very neat way.


No Real Job Deal

In order to make money without a 9 to 5 job, I have tried many things but the thing that worked out the most for me as the Minimalist Boy is affiliate marketing.

  1. find out what you love.
  2. make a business around it.
  3. generate a reasonable amount of money.

I will guide you on what worked for me and started to generate some cash in the background.

I am going to tell you some no BS methods and techniques that are really minimal and simple to understand. So you can start thinking about how to quit your job. 

Be careful because this is something that everyone wants, the reason why people still work 9 to 5 is because they give up. I’ll mentor you on how not to give up on this, ok?


You Gotta Be Curious

For the last quality on this blog on minimalism, be curious, there is nothing you can do if you were born shallow and not curious.

You can work on yourself to be more curious, but the genes will not change. I am the definition of curiosity. If you google ‘ how does a curious guy face looks like’, it will probably come out my face, JK.

I can stare at the world for hours wondering, and create a book of thoughts only from looking at a bottle under certain circumstances or lightening. (just an example).

When I travel around the world, I love to discover the deepest and remote part of what I go to see. I am never ever happy if I don’t dig in and see all is possible to see. Also, I love to absorb from the situation I am in.

How to be a better curious in 3 steps:

  1. ask questions, the best question to ask always starts with: why?.
  2. never think that you know it, try to listen to any opinion, and then roll the dice only at the end.
  3. look at things you already saw, from other perspectives.


Why Did I Start A Minimalist Blog

I have started a blog because I feel like I am not spending money on things I don’t need, better than the people I know around me.

I can live in this society with the minimum minimal I only need according to my needs, which are absolutely different from yours.

Like I consider my self a minimalist, but if you take out of my life the car or the motorcycle, I will probably die within 10 days. (Not going to living longer than 10 days). Meanwhile, I know a lot of people that is ok with the metro and the bus and walking. (not for me, almost never took a bus in my life).

I do love to explore the world in any corner, and without a car or a motorcycle, I would never be able to do this. I like to see any road in this world and imbibe emotion on any road, hill, mountain or remote corner and unexplored road.


Is This A Real Blog On Minimalism?

The answer is yes and no, the structure of this blog will be all based on minimalism as a tool for happiness. But happiness, on the other hand, is a human feature conquered via psychology and philosophy.

I am sure that some of my posts will be not all about minimalism, but there will be some nuances in all of them.

The next article I will make, it will be all about my definition of minimalism, so if you are ready for a bomb article the next one it will be. It will be all about the definition of minimalism for me.



In this short article, I have talked about my competitors with minimalism as for a minimalist blog. We can see the most famous ones in the first part of this article.

I have lined up a little my thoughts and what this minimalism blog will be. And the main categories that will surround this blog will be:

  1. keep your health good.
  2. not having a regular job with a boss.
  3. be curious.

We also talked about that minimalism can be different for each of us. I can not live without a car, and this is certainly a thing. And you could not live with something (something means a thing) else, not necessarily you can not mark yourself as a minimalist if you own certain things.

Will make you a good minimalist , the ability to balance things you really need from the ones that you don’t.

If you are looking forward to more content, bookmark this blog. Share it with your friends and spread some rumors about it.


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