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Why Girls Are Not Shaving Armpits And I Think It’s Eww

Something extremely scaring is happening in the modern world, a lot of girls are no longer shaving their armpits

This ritual or practice, you can call it the way you want too, could belong to the minimalism branch of human behaviors

I am sorry for that! Some girls following the new trends are already doing this and I can not believe it. 

The person that made me notice this, is a beautiful girl on YouTube managing a channel called raw alignment.

The first time I saw her videos I almost fell in love with her! She is so beautiful and she thinks very close to me! But when I saw under her armpits it was hard to accept what I saw. 

She had long hair under her armpits! I could not believe it.

Right now I am living in a beach city and a lot of girls are walking around only with a bathing suit! I have noticed a lot of girls not shaving their armpits. 

girl under arms hair

A few days ago I had the chance to stop a girl on the road! After a few minutes, I started to gain some confidence. I then asked her why she doesn’t shave her armpits. 

If the hair on girls grosses you out you should read this article! It will be a mix of psychology as always and thoughts. 

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Why Girls Are Not Shaving Armpits

Some of the main reasons girls are not shaving armpits according to the girl I have stopped on the road a few days ago are these

  • They saw some famous people online not shaving armpits.
  • Some think that is more hippie and is cool.
  • It saves time under the shower.
  • When you put the deodorant it burns less. 
  • They like it more.

I think the main reason why they do this is that many famous girls on the internet and even celebrities like Madonna and Madonna’s daughter don’t or didn’t shave their armpits. 

The influence of other people on people is huge! And it is incredible how someone you never even talked with can influence your whole life. 

I don’t want to resemble rude, maybe I am wrong but I think that girls in the modern society should shave their hair.

hairy monkey

This is what we are visually used too and also is more hygienic. I even try to shave my hair! I don’t think that is gay

My dad the first time he saw that I shaved my arms he said: “do you shave your hair like a gay?‘, and he made fun of me a lot. 

But honestly, I don’t see a lot of difference taking care of the hair on your head when you go to the barbershop and all the other hair. 

Could you imagine to never get a haircut?

You will look pretty crazy and dirty in a matter of no time. So taking care of all the other hair on your body I think that is very hygienic and smart

In this article, you can read why a man should shave their armpits. 

Not Shaving Armpits Case Of Study

A lot of studies and surveys have been carried out in past years about this topic, you can read this article from Metro UK

In 2013 more than 95% of the girls shaved their armpits and legs! This value dropped significantly in 2017 to 77% and it keeps going down.  

Even in this article from womenintheworld we can see that 1 woman out of 4 doesn’t shave their armpits.

Something you might consider is that in southern countries women tend to have more hair and even darker hair which makes it even grosser

While a Scandinavian girl might have blonde and straight hair, a Brazilian sexy girl can have strong and curly hair all over her body. 

As we can see in this other article a lot of celebrities decide not to shave their armpits! Of course, normal people follow along like ducks. 

Some interesting reasons instead are listed in this article from thealternativedaily!

And we can see that some points here match to the answers given from the girl I have met a few days ago. 

Why I Wrote This Article About Not Shaving Armpits

I think that psychology here is a key factor, as always. First of all my psychology is the one that has some problems

It should not bother me the fact that someone has hair under their armpits, but it actually does bother me. 

The fact that I get grossed out when I discover that a girl like Alyse Brautigam from raw alignment has hair under her armpits is weird. 

I mean, firstly I said: ” oh my god this girl is too cute and I feel almost in love with her” then when I saw the hair all changed. 

So, I am not here to tell you that shaving your armpits is wrong, but instead, I am here to tell you that my psychology is wrong in the first place. 

Then if I accept the fact that I am the one that is wrong in the first place, I can analyze the fact that girls do that just because it’s kind of fancy

girls laying on the grass

These girls think that they are breaking some rules or some sort of rebel hippy feeling will make them look cooler. 

We are programmed by the society with some standard to respect to be a perfect human! Every single thing that is not in our schemes can actually bother us. 


I have noticed that many girls lately do not shave their armpits! What I thought is that it is not normal that I get grossed out and my opinion on a person I like from her look suddenly changes when I see hair under her armpits. 

All of this is caused by the fact that we are programmed to create schemes in our heads! fat girl is usually ugly and exterior looks are more important sometimes that what a real person can offer

I am not a shallow person, and of course, I would date a girl that has hair under her armpits! But I would definitely expose to her that this grosses me out a lot and until I don’t see that what she’s doing comes 100% from her I would not feel good. 

I think that people get conditioned from the societies and the trends! The same happens with smoking and taking drugs

We all know that is bad for you and completely useless but still, people do it because it helps them to create their persona, which in most of the cases is a fake one

I think that shaving your body hair from head to toes is more hygienic, better looking and a best practice to respect to feel more fresh and clean. 

As I said before in this article I cut my own hair by my self since 13 years now, so it doesn’t cost anything to do it and still, I think it’s important. 

  • What do you think about this?
  • Do you get grossed out by girls not shaving armpits or you don’t care?
  • Do you think that this will become normal and sexy and hot girls will all have beautiful armpit hair

not shaving armpits


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Why Girls Are Not Shaving Armpits And I Think It's Eww
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2 thoughts on “Why Girls Are Not Shaving Armpits And I Think It’s Eww”

  1. Human rituals and behavior always fascinate me. I could imagine somewhere back in time people discussing how weird it was for women to shave their armpits. LOL.
    Hell, it was illegal for women to vote in the United States until 1920.
    Black people were not guaranteed the right to vote until 1965. Before those times it was common to be grossed out about women and black people voting in the United States.
    Human rituals and customs change over time.
    I remember reading Marcus Aurelius Emperor of The Roman Empire saying the tolerates shortcomings and failures in others be they tolerate it in him.
    I have learned to accept and tolerate what I see as failures in people because they tolerate and accept what they see and failures in me.
    Discussing those failures are always interesting and can be fun 😉

    Thumb Up
    1. that’s correct Tony! Thanks for the comment, we need to get used to new things and yeah the problem is in me that gets grossed out from armpit hair on chicks haha! But yeah something stupid like this made me think a lot!

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