the power of the orgasm

The Million Dollars Deal | Recreate The Orgasm

I wandered in my thoughts a few days ago and I came to the conclusion that if I could reproduce the feeling of an orgasm in a way that could be sold, I would become the most powerful and rich person on the planet.

Don’t you think the same? 

the power of the orgasm

If you don’t understand why I came up with this radical conclusion, I will explain all my hypothesis and thesis on this article.

What Is An Orgasm?

I think that an orgasm is what keeps this world still alive!  

Can you imagine how much more difficult it would have been to preserve the human species without the orgasm?

If you think about it, we are trying to find a spouse or love mainly because we are so focused on having sex and pleasure.

If someone could reproduce the feeling that an orgasm gives us and sell it somehow for a few bucks they can potentially rule the world.

An orgasm is a very minimalist form of pleasure! And the fact that lasts only a millisecond and is so intense keeps life alive.


How An Orgasms Works

I am a boy so I can speak for my gender only and how a boy orgasm feels like! But at least for me, the moment when I cum is always the same, but still, I never get tired of that feeling.

I hate to repeat the same stuff in my life! If I have to go to a city a few days in a row, I can not take the same road.

But with orgasms, it is a bit different! If I think about how stupid it is to jack off or having sex just to experience a millisecond of the same pleasure that I have already experienced many times! Under the philosophical point of view, all of this is very dumb.

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Everything is so freaking perfect and an orgasm is the proof of this perfection in a feeling. I strongly advise you to entirely watch the video down below, it is very fascinating.

As a minimalist, I don’t care about the existence of God! But I constantly question my self on how all of this can be so perfect and complicated.

It is not possible for me to measure infinite but someone else in our galaxy definitely was! And probably we are just an easy to create element of this galaxy.

A grain of sands contains more atoms and complexity than all the computers created by humans in 30 years of computer history.

DNA is infinitely complex! But all of this for someone else who designed all of this is probably just easy stuff.

The Million Dollars Deal

The richest man on planet earth right now is Jezz Bezos! All he did was just creating an online bookstore that then expanded to Amazon.

People are trying to replace not interesting human feelings with things. You might want to buy a new bow because you recognize that you have some free time and to avoid bored you go throwing arrows.

In reality, the most intense feelings that we always follow and trying to pursue are feelings that last the least amount of time.

If an orgasm would last 1 hour probably we wouldn’t be here, and if surfing waves would not be challenging and would last for a while probably there would be fewer surfers, fewer skydivers and less and less of everything.

What’s called adrenaline can turn a depressed and sad person into a happy and still wanting to live person.

But most of the people I know are not able to recognize what gives them adrenaline! So they are wasting their lives drinking beers and buying things.

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If you will be able to recreate the same environment and sensation that an orgasm gives you, you will probably become a millionaire in a few seconds.

There will be millions of people trying to desperately have an orgasm for $1 without the need of jacking off and finding a partner.

How To Recreate An Orgasm At Home

An orgasm is nothing else of an impulse that makes our muscles more relaxed via our brain. The brain is sending to all the muscles of our body a particular signal that we never get tired of and we always want.

To recreate and orgasm at home we would need to find a substance that gives our brain the input to relax our muscles that way.

recreate an orgasm at home

I met many heroin-addicted and these guys told me multiple times that a heroin shot is very similar to an orgasm.

The reason why they say that is just because the heroine is nothing else than an opioid that can numb and relax our muscles.

Scientifically speaking there is no way that heroin can reproduce the effects of an orgasm! But still for an ignorant heroin-addicted, it is very similar.

Something that is fascinating is that in order to experience an orgasm we don’t need to have more sex or jack off more.

We don’t get addicted from orgasms but rather we want to experience it as often as we can even though it is always the same.

With substances, it would be very hard to find a solution to this! Everything we put in our body and gives us short-term pleasure is addictive.

Something that is not physically addictive and gives us a similar pleasure are emotions. But still emotions are millions and we can’t recreate them whenever we want.

But if we try to combine the substance with a specific emotion! I think that it would be possible to recreate an orgasm.

Combining Substances With Emotions

I think that the secret formula to reproduce an orgasm indoor is a good mix of emotions and substances.

We need to find a substance that is not addictive that can trigger an emotion able to stimulate the same neurons that an ejaculation is able to trigger.

seagulls freedom minimalism

I am not a scientist and I have no idea how to do this! But every time I look at my phone or at the internet I am astonished on how these things can work as well.

If we are able to create the internet, AI and all the nice things that we have now in our century only in a few decades.

I don’t think that recreating an orgasm can be so much more difficult.

We need to put more research in our brain and more specifically in how an orgasm works. Here is the million dollar deal of the century!

And also you can gain a lot of power if you will be the founder of a hypothetical company called OrgasmAtHome.


Being able to reproduce the short and intense feeling of an orgasm that we are never tired of, would make you the most powerful man on the planet.

This is something that preserved life on this planet!

The need of experiencing this feeling is on any living creature on earth! And maybe it will be never possible to recreate this with our knowledge.

According to me, a computer has the same level of complexity, of course, because I am ignorant!

But it is possible that with a perfect mixture of a non-addictive substance and an emotion we would be able to recreate this feeling at home.

If you think that orgasms and very short emotions are the kinds of things we are looking for in life to pursue happiness and moments of joy, comment below your opinion.

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the million dollars deal

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