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Overcoming Fear With Some Simple Techniques

Overcoming fear is something that we all want, for some people is something distant, for others is something close.

For some people is something embedded and that they can not live without, they don’t feel good if they have no fears.

Fear is something we have learned, and overcoming fear is something we need to learn if we are interested in eliminating this from us.

overcoming fear

If you are interested to know some powerful techniques that are going to help you in overcoming fear and to understand what it is, you are in the right place. Continue to read and feel free to comment and share it with your friends.

What is fear?

Fear is a reaction of your body to something not familiar and that can be dangerous.

A newborn baby in its essence is a fearless individual, he will learn pretty fast how to get scared in order to survive.

If you were fearless, or not able to feel the pain I don’t think that it would be good for you.  There are people with a disease that cause them to feel no pain, look at this girl feels no pain.

She had serious problems because she could put her hands in boiling water, or cut herself badly without feeling anything.

She needed to learn that touching boiling water could permanently damage her skin and life or even kill her.

What fear does is the same as when touching boiling water and we feel pain. Fear is enhancing emotions that make us feel bad ,and we feel pain.

Anxiety is an emotional pain, it hurts as well like boiling water. If you don’t learn that it can seriously damage you, it will pile up with all of your other emotional scars. Eventually, you will get mad or have ulcers or some kind of burnouts.

Having less stuff and living a minimalist simple life, will increase your chances of overcoming fear.

What are usually our biggest fears

We can experience many shades of this feeling, I suggest you study all the possible emotions first. I love this graph from the Sedona Institute, I suggest you get familiar with these emotions first. Zoom in or print this picture.

sedona method emotion chart

Our biggest fears are related to these emotions in this graph, and the most trending ones always fall into these 5 categories:

  • fear of failure.
  • fear of poverty.
  • fear of love.
  • fear of death.
  • fear of unfamiliar situations.

These situations if not comprehended, will turn us into an opportunities wasting machine. The fear itself is an opportunity but what we usually do is to avoid it or turning around.

Opportunities are always happening, all day long, even if you spend your entire day watching the TV. You are overwhelmed of opportunities, and fear is there to help you but you don’t listen to it.

Choices are always between growth or comfort.

When fear is taking over your life

What you need to make happen when you experience fear is to listen to it, you don’t have to start creating the worst case scenarios in your mind.

Let’s assume you want to to get a raise at your job. You might have fear of asking at first, and then your mind can build up other fears like what if I get fired for asking that, what if I get embarrassed.

What if I can’t.

Saying “I can’t” to your self will probably make happen the worst scenario that you have imagined.

Being a perfectionist and having too many expectations according to the life perfectionist standards is not good if you are trying overcoming fear.

What fear feels like, how to notice it in our life.

You might be not able to identify your fears in some situations, you just start to feel bad without knowing the reasons. The same way as the girl that doesn’t fell the pain of hot water on her skin. You are just numb to the emotion that brought you to have fear.

Fear is the last step before the real pain, you don’t want to get hurt. Here are some warning signals to identify the fact that you are experiencing that feeling. So that you can learn how to overcoming fear.

  • difficulty eating.
  • your breathing gets more difficult.
  • breathing gets faster.
  • your heart rate increase.
  • your muscles are contracted.
  • sweating for no reason.
  • sleeping disorders.
  • inability to focus on an important thing.
  • your stomach starts acting weird.
  • starting to create the worst case scenario in your mind.
  • chewing fingers or any nervous tic (tweak).
  • you start to say “I can’t” too much.
  • muscles feel like are ripping apart.
  • a weird sensation that goes from your stomach to your throat.

20 Best Techniques For Overcoming Fear And Turn It Into Opportunity.

  1. Give it a personal name: giving a specific name to the fear you might have, can help a lot. It can be a personal name or just a specific name or a nickname with no sense. It will make it easier when using more advanced overcoming fear techniques. (i.e.: if you are scared of birds:  Zazu)
  2. Call out your fear: now that you have a name for it, call it out. Call that name aloud or just in your mind. Don’t judge it as a bad or good thing, just call it out for now without judgment.
  3. Give it a score: Give your fear a score on a scale of 1-10 or 1-100 if you need to be more precise or you have many fears.
  4. Fears are a reflection of your thoughts: Understand that fears are learned and a reflection of your thoughts. They don’t exist except in your mind.
  5. Repeat yourself ‘Zazu doesn’t scare me’: Zazu is the name we picked before for our terror of birds. You will have different names, but the important thing is to repeat in your head that sentence. “Zazu doesn’t scare me’. (we usually give names to thing that hurt us, our body is used to have names to blame, giving a name to your fear and call it out of your life, will make it happen.)
  6. Vision yourself as not afraid: Have a vision of yourself as not afraid. Imagine yourself surrounded by birds, and slowly train your mind that is just in your mind.
  7. Control breathing: Breathing together with food and sleep are important things. Our body works with oxygen and giving not polluted air and the right amount of oxygen to your brain will help in overcoming fear.
  8. Act the way you would like your life: Even if you are still scared of birds, act like you are not. Doing so will convince your subconscious mind that you are not scared.
  9. Find a solution immediately: As we said before, the girl with no pain cannot feel the boiling water on her skin. When her mom saw her putting hands in hot water she stopped her immediately. You need to act immediately when you feel scared and don’t let fear to overcome.
  10. Don’t chase it: You can’t fight it if you chase it, you need to wait for the fear to come, analyze it, give it a name and act like I said before.
  11. Take notes on OneNote: Journal your progress and your emotion on paper or on OneNote. Use the Sedona method chart to identify your emotion. Then come back months later to see the progress. Note also all the fears you have and give them names and a score and a progress value.
  12. Ask unlimited questions: Ask yourself unlimited questions, about knowing what that emotion came from and why your body is reacting like this to you. You don’t want to hurt yourself.
  13. Learn Positivity: Become better with positivity, train yourself in thinking always positive things, and eradicate the negative thoughts.
  14. Surround yourself with people: Avoid staying alone, and surround yourself with people that you can have a conversation with. Compare your emotions with theirs, don’t be shy to put yourself out.
  15. Take it as an opportunity: Take this concern as an opportunity to become better, once it is defeated you will become stronger. A wide spectrum of opportunities to grasp is opening for you once you defeated that beast.
  16. Help others: Help other people that are in your situation, helping others will make it easier for you to fix the problems. It’s easier to see things from the outside.
  17. Be happy to experience: Be grateful that you are able to experience fear, like that girl that doesn’t feel the pain. I think she would be grateful if she was able to feel the pain. This is the same thing.
  18. A door closes a greater door will open: If a door closed because of our emotions, start thinking that always a better door will open. Think it like there is no way that it can go worse.
  19. Imagine an outcomes: i.e.: If you are scared to drive a car, imagine how nice it would be to be able to drive around and discover places. Imagine how cool it can be to go to the grocery store and fill the car with food without having to drag bags around the whole city.
  20. Google your fears: We are in the 21st century, so we always have our friend google. Google your fears and worries. This can help you to figure out what’s going on, or maybe you can just stumble on a blog like mine. And maybe you will learn something reading someone else experience.

fear of zazu

Don’t Forget to eat good, exercise, sleep, and nice relationships.

On top of all of these tips, you always need to remember that you need to breathe good air, eat the right amount of food your body needs, get sufficient sleep, grow nice relationships and exercise. I strongly advise you to do some calisthenics which is the best kind of workout for a minimalist.

Print out the Sedona method emotion chart, and keep track of these emotions. Mark the ones that you experience and that you know. And describe them with your words.

If you ever have tried to go fishing for swordfish, you can see that when you catch a swordfish, when it gets closer to the boat he’s freaking out.

If you try to pick him up from the sword, if you don’t have thick gloves and you don’t pay attention, that fish will kill you. He is just scared of you and his reaction is to kill you with his sword to survive.

Try to counteract your fear immediately, overcoming fear has to come naturally from you.


Overcoming fear is something you need to do. Give your fear a real name, talk to the beast and vision yourself free from it. 

Once you have it under your control, slowly expose yourself to it, don’t chase it and just look at it and act immediately. Try to kill and eliminate it from you, learn how it feels.  Don’t let it overcome you.

We talked about some symptoms to recognize that this is fear, and we saw a nice chart that lays out all the emotions involved in it.

I wrote 20 techniques that should help you in overcoming fear, some of them might not work for you some of them might work. If you have more techniques or you think that my techniques are wrong I would like to know it, so please comment below.

overcoming fear learn how to

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