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Sedona Method | The Art Of Letting Go To Find Happiness

The Sedona Method is a unique a technique that will help you manage your emotions and live life in the present moment.

This is a powerful tool created by Lester Levenson that will help you manage the emotions and take control of your life.

This method will help you reach your goals based on the assumption that you can start figuring out the emotion that you are experiencing and counteract it.

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Sedona tells us that emotions are mainly positive or negative emotions.




If you start following the Sedona method course you will get a chart that subdivides the positive and negative emotions into these categories.

  • apathy emotions,
  • grief emotions,
  • fear emotions,
  • lust emotions,
  • anger emotions,
  • pride emotions,
  • courage emotions,
  • acceptance emotions,
  • peace emotions.

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Each time you ask yourself simple questions like “I must do this” you are unconsciously applying resistance to your free will and emotion.


What is The Sedona method

This blog is about minimalism and cool thoughts! If you are wondering why I am talking about the Sedona method on a minimalism blog the answer is pretty easy.

The key factor idea behind this method is called the “let go” method or the process of releasing.

If you are a fan of minimalism you must know that to declutter your house or to live a simple life you need to let go of things.

Since I am a very profound and analytic person. I am more interested in the psychological letting go of things in life.

Once your mindset improves and you are able to let go bad thoughts, and in general bad things in your brain.

It will take not too long to start letting go objects.

If you are able to dominate your thoughts and lifestyle and find your inner peace the art of letting go will come along with no efforts.

The Sedona method is a course you can follow online developed by a physicist from New Jersey called Lester Levenson.

I am not telling you to buy it, you can probably find it for free on the internet. You can learn these things by yourself like any other thing as well.

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But if you feel lost, you get drained out by your emotions and you want to start a journey with the art of letting go you might consider to follow this course.


How To Do The Sedona Method

If you want to progress in life you need to constantly learn and work on personality development

Personal development is the fuel for your mind. A strong body in most of the cases has a strong mind as well.




The two entities are strictly related.

What this method is doing is basically trying to make you aware that your thoughts and the material you sitting on that chair reading this right now are strictly related.

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While you can not see spirituality and your mind as a physical entity you can still work on identify your emotions which are the reflex of your spirituality on the real world.

The real world is where we are able to see real things like people, buildings etc..

These are the main steps to follow to find your inner peace and to practice the Sedona method.

  1. Allow yourself to feel the emotion.
  2. Find the most relevant name for it using the table in the course.
  3. Look in which category it falls.
  4. Take control of your breathing!
  5. Ask yourself, “Could I let it go?
  6. Ask yourself, “Would I let it go?
  7. Ask yourself, “When would let it go?
  8. Repeat the steps above until you can’t feel the emotion anymore.

If you keep repeating these 3 questions to yourself each time an emotions pop up, your life will change Click To Tweet.

This is one of the most effective self-help methods and all you gotta do is replying to those 3 questions and let go.

Once you start getting better in answering these question on emotions that appear in the present moment.

You can then start writing down emotions that are daunting you all your life and try to reply to the same questions for these emotions.


Scientific Proofs That The Sedona Method Works

If you are going to get the course you will soon see that the videos are very old.

Back in the days, the internet was not so popular and thousands of people were actually participating at seminars and retreats to learn these skills.

You can participate in Sedona method seminars even now. But probably it will make more sense to follow along on the internet so that you can save some money.

You can also interact with people trying to apply this method with the Sedona method forum.

I recently started to use forums as well and I love it. On top of that forum, I highly recommend the forum.

The proofs that this method is working comes from tests that have been done on these people participating in the seminars.

They have noticed that people with warped minds, not able to focus and constantly in anger and badly taken from emotions started to feel more relaxed.

There are no drugs or hypnosis involved with this method.

Only you and your inner self will be involved and the way you progress those 3 questions above will make you a more secure and self-actualized person.

live the present moment

Inner peace, limiting feelings and relax will come along in your life if you start to let go of emotions and live the present moment.

As humans, we struggle to live the present moment, and we tend to think about the past or to the consequences of the future.

Asking questions to yourself is a natural ability and will oblige yourself to give it an answer immediately will make you aware of the present moment we often forget.



If you are really interested in having this course and you can not afford it, contact me. I will find a way to let you have it for free.




I am the first one that doesn’t pay for things but I am also very good at figuring out problems and learn new things all by myself.

If you feel like having some guidance works better for you, consider buying this!

Personal development is one of the few aspects you need to cultivate in your life to become superhuman.

Don’t let the world dominate you but start acting toward your goals.

Start training your mind the same way you are training your muscles.

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