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Why Do People Commit Suicide?

Suicide is something pretty popular lately, a lot of people is not satisfied and mental problems start to kick in and destroy you.

I am writing this article without looking at any other article talking about suicide and mostly it’s only my opinion.

I have been close to suicide many times in life because for some reasons sometimes i could not control my mind and i was feeling very sick.

Today I was reading the news on Feedly while driving and I saw a young 17 years old Dutch girl called Noa Pothoven that decided to die.

You can read more about her probably just dropping her name on Google, but that made me think a bit.

I have lived in Belgium for 6 years and I didn’t know before today that Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are the only countries in the world where you can request euthanasia when you reach 21.

While people reading this can suddenly think that suicide is stupid, unfortunately, nothing that happens in the world is stupid to me.

foggy cemetery

You should never kill yourself but there are certain circumstances where the mind is taking over and it looks like there are no other choices.

In this article I am trying to lay down some of my thoughts about why people want to die, and how to beat these suicidal thoughts so that you can survive.


Why People Commit Suicide?

Probably there are no rational reasons why people commit suicide, but if we look at this article about suicide rates by country you can figure something out.

On this list, I have been in many countries! But mostly I have been in several of these top suicidal rates country such as:

  • Lithuania
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Latvia
  • Belgium (lived 6 years in Belgium)

Something that these countries have in common is rather shitty weather! Believe it or not, the weather has a huge impact on human functions, but still, it’s not the biggest problem.

In fact, many countries with shitty weather have very low suicidal rates!

The way the country is structured also has some impact! In fact, in Lithuania, there’s a lot of females and not a lot of males.


There is something similar to a dictatorship I guess, similar to Russia and North Korea. (this is actually not correct, but these countries are not liberal like the US or Italy).

People get frustrated and start to have bad thoughts about life and living in bad conditions.

As a healthy person, also, I think that being diagnosed with a nasty disease could cause suicide! But in fact, it’s the mind that is telling you to do that because you no longer are healthy. Everyone wants to be healthy, period.

The loss of someone you love could cause trauma, and still, it’s all about your mind even here.

I think that these factors are just 8% of the real problems beneath the reasons why people want to die.

The main reason why people commit suicide or want to die is that they don’t know how to control their mind.


How The Mind Works

I don’t know how the mind works, but I can tell that the minds get built from the experiences we have surrounded by circumstances.

Unfortunately, at school, no one is teaching us two of the most important things:

  • how the mind works.
  • how to make money.

In fact, in my personal experience, I don’t recall certain facts that happened in my life as a kid as traumatic.

I think that most of them were just normal while in fact, they were not!

What happened to me is that I kept living with many scars inside without healing them. If i knew that i needed to heal them (and how) probably i would never have had suicidal thought in my life.


Right now I am not suicidal but I went through a few periods where I totally was.

The main reasons why I wanted to die, at least for me, as selfish as it might sound is because my thoughts started to grow infinitely!

I could not control them, I started not to sleep, the reality seemed harder than what really was and I could not see a way out.

Also, most of the time I was alone or surrounded by people who were not that supportive! In fact, they were just trying to bring me down.

If you are a very smart, intelligent and thoughtful person, chances are higher that you might suffer from sadness.

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In fact, if you look back the biographies of a lot of famous people who committed suicide, the main reason behind all of that is because they lived an unordinary/extraordinary life that they were not educated enough to manage.

This blog is all about minimalism, and at the end of the day I can confirm that:

Having too much can cause suicide!

If you get used to having a nice life, a healthy body, traveling around, having a lot of friends, being on top of the world, etc.. Once for some reasons you don’t have all of this anymore you start to feel bad.


Keep Your Mind Away From Death

Unfortunately, we can not decide on what country to be born and from what family to be raised but for the rest, we have total control.

The thing you need to completely understand is that the only reasons why you want to die is in your mind.

Ideally, if you could shut down your brain, or uninstall anxiety and bad thoughts the same way you do it on a computer you suddenly would never wanna die.

With the advent of the internet and people looking at Netflix and spending more time in the house instead of working their ass off, depression is more popular.

grave and cross

In fact, it is demonstrated that people who spend most of the time outside and talking with people is less likely to have suicidal thoughts.

Having the internet can be also beneficial, in fact, there are plenty of free services you can use where to find people willing to talk to you.




Calling these numbers can sometimes save you, but actually, it won’t fix your problems.

The best way to be happy is to try to eliminate any thoughts.

Having people to talk with that can understand you is probably the best cure. In fact, if you are around people like you, you will soon find out you are not the only person dealing with a complicated world.

If you don’t know anyone you could take advantage of apps or websites to meet other people. I know that it’s not the same as making friends at school but still, it can work.

If you feel bad for something you need to make a change, the feeling bad feeling is just a reaction of your body that you are not doing the right thing.

If you miss someone who died, there is nothing you can do. You can probably live without them as well but your mind thinks that you can’t.

Also, you should be far away from skyscrapers, train tracks, knives, and dangerous stuff!


Pills And Fuckhiatrist

If you are suicidal or you know people extremely sad, in most of the cases they visited a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

I really hate these kinds of doctors because in most of the cases they are just going to fuck you up even more.

I think that a psychologist can be useful, talking with someone is always a good thing. But finding a good one that can understand you is almost impossible, plus it’s weird that you have to pay someone just to talk.

He’s not in your mind so it can just give you tips, but then it’s up to you to put them in practice and you can absolutely find these tips from other less expensive sources.



Psychiatrist instead according to be should be called Fuckhiatrist.


These guys are trained to give you pills that can completely mess up your life for good.

It’s true that certain pills can save your life, i took some as well. But these pills taken the way that Fuckhiatrist wants you to take them can ruin you forever.

In fact, these guys are trained to give; but then when it comes to eliminating the pills they don’t really know what to do and they leave you in pain.

Before starting to take all the stuff that they will prescribe, you should study exactly what are you going to put in your body.

Most of the SSR (antidepressant) and benzos are going to alternate the state of your brain, in certain cases for the long term.

Before throwing random pills in your esophagus you should absolutely be scared and talk to your Fuckhiatrist for good.

A good Fuckhiatrist should always do this before prescribing things:

  • trying to know you better, you need to have at least a few meetings on different days.
  • understand the roots of your suffering.
  • avoid hypnotics.
  • opt-in for something less intrusive than pshycoshit pills first.
  • he needs to tell you exactly what kind of benefits you will get from that pill.
  • he needs to tell you how you are going to get out of it one day.

The best solution is taking something that acts immediately when you feel completely suicidal like Xanax etc… (just a few times while seeking for help) and then trying to solve the problems from the root with the help of your willpower and people.



A lot of people feels depressed and suicidal lately because they are used to have too much and live a life they can not control.

Some people is just in a condition that keeps getting worst according to their minds and then it feels extremely bad.

There will be people telling you to drop some magic pills and waste money talking with an unknown person, but at the end of the day doing what we are really supposed to do and connect with our real survivals will save you.

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Having an extraordinary life can be dangerous if you don’t have the right foundations.

If you can, stay away from any pill, alcohol, drug and stupid useless stuff that will make you feel even worst.


All you need is just, love, good food, sleep, and good relationships. (and cash)


drowning in the sea

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