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Take Action More Easily: A Powerful Principle To Practice

Many people struggle to take action.

They struggle to do what it takes to achieve progress in their lives.

And why is that? Well, because taking action is hard. At least that’s what most people think.

But here is the thing: taking action is not necessarily hard when you understand the mechanism behind it.

Taking action may even be easy.

There are many tips and methods to make taking action a breeze.

people struggling

And in this article, I’m going to focus on one key principle that will help you overcome the difficulty of taking action.

This will not only help you overcome fear or lack of motivation, but it will also make the overall process much easier.

In the end, you won’t even feel that you have to put some effort into it.


Like Many People, You Probably Struggle To Take Action.

Whether it is to start a project, to exercise, to approach a girl you find attractive, and so on.

And as you can guess, this has a bad impact on your life. Your life doesn’t take the path you want it to take.

You probably want to take action, especially since you know that it’s crucial, but you rarely manage to do what it takes since you find it so difficult.

Many people try to force themselves, day after day, week after week.

And many people give up very early.

But you know what?

You don’t have to constantly force yourself to take action.

In fact, you don’t need that much willpower to make things move.

Why is that? How is it possible? You might ask.

Well, here is why:


The First Time Is Always The Hardest.

Which means that the more you take action, the easier it becomes.

When you’ve never done something, it seems pretty hard. And most of the time it actually is pretty hard. Because it’s entirely new.

You don’t have any automatism to help you. You have to consciously put a lot of efforts into it.

easy path

Knowing that the first time is always the hardest will help you take action.

Because you’ll tell yourself that:

Sure it is difficult, but it’s only this time (or at least it’s only this time that it is so difficult, things are going to get easier and easier through practice)

So have this in mind.

Then, you need to understand that the hardest of the hardest is to initiate the move. That is to say to go from not moving to move. To put yourself into movement.

For instance, the hardest part when you want to go to the gym is not really exercising, but it’s to pack your stuff and go out of your home.

The hardest part when you want to make the first move on a girl is not to get the conversation flowing, but it’s to start to talk to her.

That’s when the fear or the needed willpower is the most intense.

Knowing that the hardest of the hardest is the very beginning of the action will also help you take action because you’ll tell yourself

“Sure it is difficult, but it’s only because it is the beginning”.

That it’s important to focus on the beginning of the action.

So remember this:

  • The first time is always the hardest
  • The hardest part of taking action is in the beginning (to initiate the move)

Most people aren’t aware of this.

They think it will always be so hard. They think that the overall process will always be such a pain in the ass.

But that’s not true.

take action easily


The More You Repeat An Action, The Easier It Becomes.

Repetition creates habits.

Habits are automatisms, things you do without even thinking about it, without putting efforts into it.

Sure, for some actions you’ll always have to put some efforts into it, but much less than for the first time you did it.

If you find hard to bench press 200lbs, after a few years of practice it will have become pretty easy.

If you find hard to write a 1000 words article, after writing dozens of posts you’ll find that easy.

If you find hard to approach a girl on the street, after approaching dozens of girls, you’ll find that much less difficult.

Repetition makes the move easier to make.

Because it makes you gain some confidence and some ease.

The action in itself also becomes easier.

Because it becomes a habit. You develop some reflexes and some automatisms that help your body make the work without you even consciously thinking about it.

Minimalism is about making your life easier.

Having in mind the power of repetition will help you simplify your life.

Instead of constantly changing what you do, try to persist and create a repetition in a way that will help you progress toward your goals and make this progression easier.

Try to do the things you find difficult on a more regular basis, and you’ll notice that those things are going to get easier and easier.

Some people like to spread some big tasks over the month or the week instead of having to put some huge efforts into it only once.

For instance, some bloggers prefer to write a small post every day rather than one big post every week or every month.

Some people like to exercise a bit daily rather than to go through a big workout every week.

Some people like to learn a few new words of a foreign language every day rather dan a ton of new words once a week.

Examples are countless.



The benefit of repetition is that it becomes automatic.

You don’t even have to plan what you’re going to do each day anymore.

You’ve created some the perfect routine that will make you move toward your goals.

This will motivate you to go on and will make you realize how easy things can get when you know how to optimize the process.


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