teach english online to chinese students vipkid

Teach English Online To Chinese Students With vipKID

Teach English online to Chinese students from home with vipKID. What are you talking about?

I am talking about a very minimalistic way to live life in our times, we are lucky we have the internet. If you are looking for a job you can do from home to earn the extra buck, vipKID is exactly what you need.

vipKID is a Chinese company, they are well known as the best ‘teach English online to Chinese students’ online platform. With over 400k students and 40k teachers teaching all day long from all over the world.

Not to mention that people like Kobe Bryant and Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba invested in vipKID only 5 minutes after they have heard what it was.

teach english online to chinese students vipkid

They think that education and more literate kids will bring the world to the next level because culture is the most important thing.

After this said let’s dig in and understand how can you teach English online to Chinese students.

Why and How to become a vipKID teacher

The main reasons why you should work for vipKID is because you can work whenever you want from wherever you want and the pay is great, on average $20 per hour.


These are the steps and requirements to follow to teach English online to Chinese students with vipKID:

  1. you must be American or Canadian.
  2. you need an American accent.
  3. a bachelor degree in anything you want
  4. some experience with kids, babysitting is fine
  5. then you need to apply and create an account here.

vipkid teach english to chinese kinds online and make money

Once you are approved here are the next steps:

  1. Apply for vipKID.
  2. 10 minutes interview, where they will try to figure out if you are a nice fit.
  3. 2 hours of training and teaching with a tutor, Practical Mock.
  4. Signing the contract.
  5. Access to the teaching platform.

This a video on how teaching is like, it is funny to watch it.

Breaking down the steps to teach English online to Chinese students with vipKID

The interesting thing about vipKID is that you will not need to prepare the presentation and the classes. Everything will be ready for you. You have to understand what’s the class is all about, and follow the slides to teach English online to Chinese students.

They require you to be American or Canadian, if you are not, don’t even bother to apply, you need to have the legal rights to work there.

You can have any sort of bachelor degrees and small experience with kids. If you have a little brother it can be considered as experience.

The Hiring Process to teach English online to Chinese students with vipKID

Apply For vipKID

After you signed up for vipKIP you will have to answer some simple questions and give them a little bit an overview of your motivations.

Try to be honest, if you have any TEFL certificate or papers showing off some teaching skills you will be a step ahead compared to who doesn’t. But even if you don’t have it it’s fine.

teach english to chinese kid vipkid

The interview

This is a 10 minutes video call, you will show to the vipkid reviewer your location and they will ask you to try to simulate the class, they have given the material to you before when you signed up.

Start to become familiar with the vipKID teach English online to Chinese students method, which is based on TPR sounds, and here is a video example. Also get familiar with this video, these are the two main skills they are looking for during the first interview.

You should also wear an orange shirt and have a whiteboard and some flashcard would be very nice. A list of the indicators used for your evaluation is here.

Practical Mock.

When the 10 minutes interview is over, you will be asked to book two mock classes, here you will be guided by a tutor on your journey.

It is a nice opportunity to figure out what to say when you see the slides on the screen provided by vipKID. You will be trained on how to pull out always something to teach and say to your student.

They will teach how to give grades to your students, and what are your duties as a teacher. Once the first 10 minutes interview is done, the hardest part is over.

They want you to be motivated and energetic if you need help to get hired just contact me, and I will help you. Feel free to comment if you have any question as well.

Signing the contract.

When the 3 steps above are completed, you will be asked to sign a contract, I would read the terms and conditions and put down a signature for your freedom. Now you are ready to teach English online to Chinese students.

Access to the teaching platform.

The contract is signed, now you have full access to the vipKID teach English online to Chinese students platform. From there you can fill in your bank account information, this is where you will receive a WIRE transfer each month for your salary.

You can easily make $160 a day working 8 hours like a regular job.

You will have access to the course slides and to your personal calendar, this is where you can schedule your classes and where students will book a class with you.

Also, you have access to the report and rating system, when your class is finished you will have to fill in a report for your student and give him/her a grade, and some apples or stars.

Using a mobile app, and start gaining some followers from mom’s and families that like your teaching is a good tip if you want to increase your chances to be booked.

The more you work and the more they like you, the more classes you will be able to teach.

How to teach English online to Chinese students

You will get better doing it, at first it can be a little bit weird, especially if you are shy, but the cute faces of these kids will motivate you.

Some nice tips I can give you are:

  • have a good computer
  • good headsets
  • good internet connection
  • a nice lightning
  • orange shirt
  • watch a lot of youtube videos to learn to get better
  • if the kids do not cooperate, try to be funny like a lot, when the student will laugh, you got it.

teach english from home

Is there a lot of people willing to pay so much to learn English online?

The Chinese economy lately is booming, there are 1.4 billions of Chinese in this world meanwhile the worldwide population is 7.5 billion.

They are the biggest chunk of people and they are getting richer. If you are good at math and you are attached to the reality you can easily figure out that the demand for teachers can just exponentially grow.

vipKID as a company is growing in a logarithmic way, they visioned that in the near future they might need millions of online tutors.

The Chinese educational system is very strict, and these families want the best for their kids. These families do not tolerate their children’s ignorance and want them to be fluent in English as a native English speaker.

Apart from the first weeks where you need to become a little famous and you might not have a full day booked. Then after that, you will have always open slots to fill and to teach English online to Chinese students.

Top benefits when you teach English online to Chinese students with vipKID

So I hope that by now you are convinced that if you are looking to have a minimalist job, that you can do while traveling from anywhere vipKID is a nice solution for you.

I encourage you to make an account,  you will be redirected to the sign-up page if you use this link, Apply for vipKID teach From Home. 

The main advantages if you decide to teach English online to Chinese students with VIP kids are here:

  • flexibility.
  • holidays whenever you want
  • 25 minutes classes.
  • you can earn up to $160 a day with 8 hours work.
  • it is very easy to get accepted
  • amazing bonuses for the best teachers and other things, you’ll get extra cash basically
  • there is an awesome online community. ( i will talk about this later)

For who is vipKID?

You can do vipKID in any circumstance but these are the best suites for this job:

  • Housewives or moms. You will be able to look at your house or kid and make money from home.
  • Travelers or expats. This is a nice opportunity for you to make money from anywhere you are. If you are an expat, it might be hard to get a job if you don’t know the local language. this is an awesome opportunity for you. If you want to travel the same applies to you. Sign up here.
  • People who want to earn the extra dollar with a few hours of work
The biggest technical problems you should figure out to teach English online to Chinese students the best way.

These are things you need absolutely to have to this job:

  • a computer
  • good wifi
  • an overview of the timezones if you travel
A computer

You can get a computer online if you don’t have one, there are plenty on Amazon and I advise you to get a nice MacBook pro if you can afford it.

Otherwise, a cheap computer to start is fine. If you have a computer you can teach English online to Chinese student with no problems.

Good wifi

If you are working from home, just get the best internet plan, having a nice connection will drive you nuts a little less. To teach a class you need to have at least a download speed of 20MB/s.

You can test your internet speed here. A class usually sucks off 80-100MB. If you are working from home get an unlimited plan, you don’t want to pay more for the internet.

Instead, if you are trying to teach while traveling I suggest you always ask the hotel or place where you are staying at if the wifi is good enough.

As a backup plan, you can have one of these things here, it’s called tepwireless, with $9 a day on average you will get unlimited internet in any country on planet earth.


If you are traveling you should have an overview of the timezones.I like this minimalist website, you can set up an account and add the cities you are traveling to, and as a reference.

You will keep on top the Chinese time. The HOT hours usually are from 2 PM to 9.30 PM Chinese time. This is when the kids are home from school, and as shown in the pics below you can figure out the best time for you to teach.

timezone tool timezonebuddy

There are kids taking classes at all the time, don’t worry about it.

Extra tools you might need to teach English online to Chinese students

So as long as you have a nice accent and the tools mentioned above you are good to go. But in case you want to become a professional teach English online to Chinese student person.

You might need these additional tools, here a list of what I find more useful.

  • Good computer.
  • Awesome noise cancel headset.
  • Flashcards.
  • Puppets.
  • Orange shirts.
  • Professional desk lamp.
  • World map.
  • Decorations.
  • Whiteboard.
  • Some pencils and colors.
  • OneNote.

Extra tools provided by vipKID

If you are anxious about the interview process and the mock step, you can follow one of the training classes provided by vipKID. You can sign up for free here from this link, and you will be able to learn everything you need to do.

They are also having teachers meetups all over the country and you can check them out here, having to deal with other people doing this job will make you feel good.

vipKID on the Social Media.

If you are always looking at your news via social media, vipKid is present in almost any social media. these are the some of them.

Hashtag: #VIPKID


vipkid meetup group

vipKId top references


How much money do you make with vipKID?

It depends on how much you work, consider that on average you will get $20 per hour. So depending on how much you work this is how much you will get. If you decide to work 15 hours a day you will make a lot.

How do I pay taxes on it?

You will receive a detailed statement each month at the end of the paying period. You can then give that to your accountant or using TurboTax to pay your taxes.

Is it legal?

Absolutely, of course.

Can I work whenever I want?

Yes, as long as you have a nice internet connection.

Is it possible to make it a living with it?

Absolutely yes. What will help you accomplish this is to figure out your human needs and prioritize your schedule and classes.

If you work 6-8 hours a day you will make good money. It depends also where do you live, if you live in Switzerland probably it will be harder to make it a living compared to if you live in Myanmar.

Conclusion on teach English online to Chinese students

In conclusion, I think that vipKID is a nice opportunity to make money and teach English online to Chinese students, that are super cute and nice. You can do this from wherever you want, all you need is a computer, internet, and an American accent.

If you didn’t already you can start your sign up process here.

From there you will be interviewed and trained and you will be able to teach classes whenever you want from home. 

You can easily make $20 per hour, and this is a great opportunity if you are looking for a job or some extra cash.

All the tools and tips you might need to succeed with this job are written above if you think that this is a nice job and it is a good and minimalistic way to earn money let me know. If you need help with the sign-up process just comment below or contact me, I will help you.

vipkid teach english to chinese kinds online and make money

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