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13 Days Without A Phone Narrated | Holy Shit

This is based on a real story of living 13 days without a phone, and all the facts written in this article are real and just happened, and I think that are interesting.

I am moving out of this country where I am living at the moment the next month. It’s like 9 months I have to fix the camera of my phone, and since I bought it new it was under warranty.

I have like 60 websites with two-factor authentication enabled. I was always lazy to turn them all off so that at the store they could reset the phone to factory and change the camera.

I have solved this problem using the Authy App instead of Google Authenticator. If you connect your Authy to multiple devices you can restore from them in a new device. 

screw my phone

So 13 days ago I have decided to bring the phone to fix the camera. They told me that it needed to stay there for 1 week or more.

Since I am pretty good at not having things I said OK, let me know when it’s done and I left the phone at the store.

A lot of things happened in these 13 days! I think that these facts are very interesting and you should read them. If you are interested continue to read this.

The Detachment

I left my iPhone SE at the store. I went there alone and on the way back I just didn’t have it, I usually check all my stats and send out messages and email.

I could not do it, as simple as it sounds it never happened in my life that I just didn’t have my phone with me.

So it was very weird to go back home without a phone. Once I got home I immediately checked my passive incomes stats, my websites stats and I started to work on my computer as always.

I use my phone only for a few things:

  1. Checking stats.
  2. Look at my incomes.
  3. Reply to messages and calls.
  4. As a GPS while a drive.
  5. Watching YouTube videos while I eat.
  6. Taking pictures.
  7. Reading the news from Feedly.

The first day went by pretty ok, but actually, it was the day where I realized that it was gone for real. I could not look at it before going to sleep and my left pocket was always empty.

My first day of mobile detox finished. But now some more interesting things happened.

The Doctor

I had a visit to the doctor the next day. It was to sign some papers to stop my mutuality but it was actually the first time I had to go to a doctor.

I have got a notification on my computer that at 2.15PM I had to go to the doctor, so I dressed up, I went in my car, and I have put my left hand in my left pocket to get the GPS.

no iphone for 13 days

I didn’t have my phone, and I didn’t know where the doctor was since I have never been there. I had to go back in my house, turn on the computer and study the google map.

It took me a while to figure out the road I was supposed to do and I have wasted so much time in this. I then got to the doctor, of course, I had to wait in the waiting room.

There were two guys and one girl. These three individuals where scrolling Facebook on their phones so bad. I have no idea why people do this, you can not learn anything from Facebook god lord.

On the girl’s face especially, I could see her desperation, frustration, and dependence with this scrolling action.

I was looking at her face meanwhile I was watching pictures on a national geographic magazine in a language I could not understand.

When the pictures finished I have looked if there were other magazines I could be interested in, but it was just a bunch of gossip bullshit so I moved on.

I saw a Rubik cube and a little chair with some kids books in the corner.

I have started to try to solve the cube and played with it for like 5 minutes straight. I would have probably done this even if I had a phone, but probably every 20seconds I would have checked my stats or maybe I would not even have played with the cube.

No More Rubik

Until now all was fine, but then I got frustrated from the cube, and since I don’t’ speak the language of this country I started to read the kids books.

I have learned how to say hippopotamus, deer, blocks, food, etc. These people around was still there scrolling and giggling on their phones.

Until the point where a dude started to look at me a little weird. I was also sitting on those little chairs and reading on a kid-size desk.

Since I hate the people here in this country because according to me are losers and dumb in their genes, I started to look at him as well.

He got so confused and he was so embarrassed about that! He didn’t even say hello, or what are you doing there or laughed at me that I was on a kid desk reading kid’s books.

I then started to think how the world was before having mobile phones, people were reading magazines at the doctors.

I am from a more mentally opened country compared to here in the north of Europe. The rain and the sadness and depression makes these guys NaN, so to speak.

rubik cube

They were kind of annoyed by the fact that I was disturbing their scrolling with the Rubik cube and moving around the room looking for more kid books.


As I mentioned multiple times on this blog, my brain is like a volcano and to tame my thoughts it is very hard.

I am used to writing anything that comes to my mind in my iPhone reminders app and then reconstructs the thoughts and idea on my OneNote on my computer.

When I was driving around and or walking around or going to pull up at the park,  I had so many ideas, and I could not note them down.

Here is the moment when I said: “OK, this is so beneficial for me! I quit with my phone.”. I was interacting with other people and they were all telling me, so give me your phone number so we can call you, my reply was:

I don’t have a phone!

No one believed in me, it was so weird that I didn’t have a phone and I liked so much the fact that my brain started for real to redevelop my abilities to remember again.

The Final Blow

In the meantime, time passed and today arrived, and I went to pick up my phone. I really hate waste time to do things that are not productive like having to lose time parking and waiting in line to pick up a stupid phone.

I got there, and after I explained to them that they needed to replace the camera because there was a mistake form apple on my series that dust was going inside and pictures were just covered of dust.

Of course dumb as they are they just opened my phone and cleaned the lenses, in a few hours now the dust is back inside. On top of that, I have tried to watch a video while eating and the loudspeakers are not working anymore.

At first, I got so mad, I have no more time left to bring it at the store since I need to call, drive around and pack all my shit to move 2000 miles away from here in two weeks.

So it’s over, I have no working properly phone, but I can fix it by self, so I will once I have moved. I have brought the phone there because since it was under warranty I would have gotten a brand new camera and a nice service.

without a phone iphone detox

But yeah, of course, I can just trust my self and this people is just a mass of incompetent. They fucked up a surgery I did 3 years ago and I have to re-do now and they don’t’ do anything the right way.

At the end of the story after I got furious I started to be grateful for the fact that they didn’t reset to factory settings and I didn’t have to reput all my settings back. Also, I got more confidence in me that I knew that I could do a better job.

And, I have started to be so grateful for the fact that this digital detox experience was absolutely forced and real and I could not use my mobile phone for real.

The world seriously was absolutely different, and weird and I have decided to quit with my phone for real.

I am just using it as a GPS and I will act like I don’t have it the whole time, I swear, and I know I can do it. I will write again in a few months or more what’s happening to me and if I am getting any benefits from it, but I will do it.

Conclusions | The Bottom Line Without A Phone

This experience was mindblowing, I have decided to quit and live without a phone. They didn’t fix the phone as it was expected!

The pain of waiting 13 days without a phone was not even worth at the end since my phone got out in worst condition than before.

The anger and discomfort I have got from this situation made me realize how lucky I am in any circumstance bad or good doesn’t matter.

Of course, I got pissed after 13 days with no phone and they messed it up so bad! But then, with cold-blooded, I realized that I have learned so much from this and I could fix it my self and it was worth it for the experience of not having a phone for 13 days.

I have started to find all the good reasons that this experience brought and tried to delete the bad reasons for the good reasons.

This applies to anything in life, everything bad that happens always has good consequences inside as well, you are just blind to see them.

The new world is full of distractions, and trying to stay concentrate is so hard. We also have so much time to get distracted instead having to go hunting and stay awake.

Anger and frustration and complaints make us blind to the beauty of life.

iphone se on the desk

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  1. I decided decided long ago to use my cellphone as a tool and not rely on it after a similar experience.
    I was amazed at how I was forced to use my brain more. I keep a small note pad in my bag to take notes and document my thoughts. I had to learn to use a pen all over again as I forgot how to write. LOL

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    1. That’s awesome, and yeah I have serious problems writing on papers as well! It’s insane! I think that the more mechanical our actions are the most we are connected with our powers. Writing on paper is important! I have looked at your website, it looks very nice. Nice to you Tony.

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