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Why You Are Not Famous

The reason why you are not famous is that you don’t have enough attention. Minimalist Boy

This is the main reason why you are not famous yet or you will never be famous.

I was staring at the sky today and it was so beautiful, suddenly I have focused my sight on a white cloud and I started to see little stars moving.

I don’t know if you ever tried this but if you are in a very sunny area like the beach and focus your sight on the sky you can see what I call ‘photons of light‘.

Probably those are not photons of lights but these things are like little stars of light moving in any direction.

This made me think that I sit on my ass and look at the same exact things as famous people like Bill Gates.

We all share the same exact environment! We can all touch the ground and see photons of lights if staring at the sky.

We all are just an insignificant element of a huge, maybe infinite of what we call ‘the universe‘.

you are not famous

There is no way that on such a smaller scale some people have success and infinite money, meanwhile other people die.

There must be something that all the miserable people and successful people have in common. Click To Tweet


Why Do We Want To Be Famous

Fame is something that most of the people wants because this will give you, at least for a certain period of time the security that you won’t be alone.

Humans contrary to cats, for instance, tend to appreciate more life when together with other people.

It is funny to see how hypocrites most of these humans are. If you are just a normal person most of the time you will just stay a normal person for the others.

But if suddenly you start driving around with a Lamborghini and hot girls, you will notice that the number of friends/fake friends will immediately grow.

Money and not being alone is mainly what 99% of the normal humans are trying to pursue.

Fun fact is that popularity and being famous, at least temporarily, will cover you with these problems.

So this is why you want to be famous, but how to actually become famous and what are the disadvantages of being famous and the benefits?


Why You Are Not Famous

If you ask yourself “why do I want to be famous so bad?” you probably come up with the conclusions that you want more money!

But actually, it is also because you want attention.

The real-life fact indeed is that to make money and become famous you need to be able to attract attention.

If you are able to attract people’s attention you will be able to sell them any product or lifestyle and money will come.

The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the devil to keep Christians from running their own country. Jerry Falwell

Jerry indeed was absolutely right!

If you think about it, religion is just a mass of people following an ideal the same way you follow an actor on Instagram but on another scale.

Religion has a manipulative power on your mind and ultimately is able to grab a lot of attention and hence money.

Look around yourself, churches and sanctuaries have gold statues in it. Buildings and things built by the church are the most expensive things probably in your town.

There were no social networks or the internet when Jesus was born, but people were writing stuff and spreading the message by voice.

If you are into marketing you know that the sales with the best conversion rate are the ones when you talk about a product face by face to a person.

Having the attention of a mass of people will then give you the trust to sell and command them the way you want too.

Just think about a teenage girl in front of Justin Bieber. Even though he’s pretty dumb, skinny and not even that hot, he would probably bang any girl on planet earth because of his fame.

stop making famous people famous


How To Become Famous

The only thing you need to become famous is a lot of attention.

There are just a few ways you can gain attention in our modern world according to me. And here I will list them:

  • Giving false hopes.
  • Dumb Stuff.
  • Exceptional Talent.

If you are trying to analyze each of your favorites celebrities or idols. I am pretty sure that they can provide some of the services listed above.

If we consider Jesus Christ or Muhammad, those guys if they even existed promised to people an immortal life, false hopes, and a better life.

If we look at Logan Paul on YouTube, he’s just being dumb and he’s making people laugh and forget the pain of life and difficulties.

For Mozart instead, all he needed to do was sitting in front of some people playing the piano and it would not take very long to figure out how good he was.

If you are able to sell yourself well and to put into practice one of the qualities above and make people talk about you. You surely will become famous.

This might sound easy, but in reality is not.

If you are a simple person or just not a douchebag you can not think about become the new Justin Bieber or Donald Trump.

There are qualities that you can not change your personality! You should always accept yourself for what you are. Click To Tweet

There are many disadvantages of being famous and I would never trade my freedom for fame.

movie in the desert


What Are The Disadvantages Of Being Famous

If you are not famous and then become famous, you will realize that being famous is not all roses but there are things that are not cool.

As a minimalist, the thing that makes me happy the most is freedom and curiosity.

Something like:

  • taking a piss on a tree.
  • walking around shirtless with broken shoes.
  • not showering for a few days in the forest.
  • taking a shit by a river.
  • and all of these things are very cool to me.

If you are not famous you can think about doing this, but if you become famous you can forget it.

People will stalk you, friends will use you only to gain more fame themselves. You will be criticized if you suddenly decide to change your ideas.

You will need to stay the same person that you were at that time when you became famous to preserve your status.

You will not be able to be like water and adapt to any form as Bruce Lee said! Ultimately you will become a member of something bigger than you that can eventually destroy you.



The main reason why you are not famous is that you don’t have attention.

Being able to gain attention is a quality that not all of us have. But honestly, I don’t think that being famous is actually a good thing at all.

I think that if you let life flow and you have a serious plan and purpose fixed in your head, you will become happy.

Happiness is the thing you should pursue and become famous is just a status quo that people will give you as soon as you start making money and get people’s attention.

According to me, this can bring only more problems and unhappiness. And as a minimalist you should always aim to have less of everything, starting with problems.

Look at religion, we are in 2018 right now and people are still fighting for fairy tales man wrote on some holy book.

There is no holy and holy! You must become holy for yourself which is the best thing that nature gave until you can breathe. Click To Tweet

famous singers books black and white

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