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Decluttering Diary

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To not only sort through my belongings, but also through my thoughts, I want to make use of this thread in diary-style.

July 8th, 2019

To start this off, I want to give a better picture of my living situation. I live in a house that had belonged to my family since my grandparents got married to each other. Here they had raised a whopping 7 kids (though the two eldest had already moved out by the time the youngest came to be). It is a big house with a big garden - three stories high (ground floor and two upper floors) with 4 1/2 bedrooms in the upper floors (the 2nd upper floor also has a very big hallway, almost as big as the two decently sized bedrooms combined) and a large living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom + 2nd toilet on the ground floor.
After my granddad died, my parents purchased the house, which had been rented before, and settled in with my sister and I. Both my sister and I had moved out after graduation to go study in other cities, but 2 years after I moved out, my father died and my mother had trouble keeping the house with only her salary and limited time - as I said, it is a really big house to tend to with only one person, especially since it wasn't fully renovated back then and my grandmother had left a lot of her belongings when she, too, passed away. Since the house had always been a multiple generations house, I moved back in after finishing my studies, to help with the upkeep and costs of it.

Right now, I occupy the 2nd upper floor (2 bedrooms, one big hallway) and my mother the 1st upper floor while we share both the ground floor and the garden. My main bedroom, which I use as such, as well as the kitchen are purely my domain - here I am free to actually be minimalistic as well as make sure that most of our food is healthy and regional. We also try to use the produce of our garden as much as we can.

My second bedroom is mainly used as a storage and a reading room. It's as organized and minimalistic as I can do - I have one shelf of books and try to keep it at that number, as well as some storage boxes for my other hobby, which is LARP, paired with a small crafts corner and materials.

The problem I am faced with starts with my hallway - here there are lots of storage boxes, both from my sister as well as from back to where my parents first moved in, and since they are not 'mine', I never had the mind to really sort through them. The floor of my mother is similarly cluttered with old belongings of my late grandmother, only partially sorted through and put into boxes.

I dearly want to redesign my hallway into a second living room, but for that, I need to get rid of these boxes. So I have gotten the permission from my mother to sort through them, which I will do starting the next days, one after the other. These boxes hadn't been opened for the last 16 years, so I am kind of excited about what I might find in them!

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