n26 bank the mobile minimalist bank

N26 Bank | The Minimalist Mobile Bank

N26 bank is the best online mobile bank ever, I have closed all my bank accounts and using this bank now.

There are many reasons why, and I am trying to explain them all in this post. Why am I talking about N26 bank in a minimalist blog?




I think that we can’t live in the modern world without a bank, I really don’t like traditional banks. I really love the blockchain concept and cryptocurrencies.

But until bitcoin will not be adopted we need to stick to banks to store our money.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you why I think that N26 bank is the best bank you can have, and why I think that N26 bank can be called the minimalist mobile bank.

n26 bank the mobile minimalist bank
N26 BANK | The Minimalist Mobile Bank

The main colors are black, white and transparent. This should be the first hint.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use N26 Bank


  1. Beautiful.
  2. You will have super low fees.
  3. 5 free ATM withdrawals with N26 Bank Basic Plan.
  4. 100% online and on your mobile phone.
  5. Secure and fast.




These are just some of the nice features of N26, but trust me, once you get your free card home, you will use it as well.


How To Open An Account With N26 Bank

To open an account with N26 it should take less than 8 minutes, the first thing you have to do is to click here and fill in the form with your data.

n26 mobile bank join

Then You need to connect your mobile n26 app to your n26 bank account.

n26 sign up process


Once the form is filled, you will be asked for your passport or ID card, someone will call you on your mobile, and you will get verified. N26 passport nationality requirements are listed in the next chapter.

After the verification process is completed, you will receive home your credit card, and you will get full access to the online mobile bank.

You will get a personal IBAN and SWIFT CODE/BIC code where you can receive money, and everything will be so minimalist looking.


n26 iban and bic


What Are The Requirements To Open An Account?

To open an N26 bank account, you will need a European address to ship the card. You can find the complete list of the European countries they are operating here.

It is just a matter of few months that it will be possible to open a US and Canadian Account as well, but for now, you need a European address.

But you can still open an account if you are American as long you have someone to ship the card in Europe.

If you have a friend in Europe to use as a shipping address for the card it’s fine, they are accepting ID for verification for almost all the industrialized countries.

n26 bank open mobile bank account

The countries, outside the EU, authorized to open an account are the following:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

As long as you have a valid passport, and a valid address in Europe to ship the card, even a friends address that then ships the cards to you, it’s fine.

In a few months, mid-2018, it should be fine to ship cards in the USA and Canada. For the other countries, it might take some time still.

You also need a smartphone to open n26 bank, also called the best mobile bank.


Opening An Account With N26 Bank In A Few Steps


  1. Sign up and complete this form.
  2. Pair your N26 mobile app.
  3. Start the verification process.
  4. Keep in hands your passport or valid ID.
  5. Someone will call you and will ask to show them your passport with the camera of your phone.


Sign Up And Complete This Form

  1. The first step is to fill in your data and shipment address via this form, put the exact data that appears on the ID that you are going to show them.
  2. Confirm the email that you will receive in your inbox, this important before starting the verification process.
  3. Pick the Free N26 bank plan, you can also choose the N26 black plan but that one is $5.90 a Month. I will talk more about the advantages of n26 black.
  4. Then pair your mobile phone and start the verification process.

n26 bank open mobile bank account


Start The Verification Process

Don’t get scared, the operator will call you on your mobile phone via the app, they will be able to control the camera of your phone and turn on the flash.

Keep in hands your ID and show it to them. Once the procedure is completed you will be ready to receive the card.


N26 Bank VS N26 Black

After you fill in your data, you will be asked if you want the free fancy transparent credit card, or if you want to upgrade to N26 black.

I think that the free n26 bank mobile plan is fine, I have that one myself, but I know that for some people might have advantages with N26 black.

These are the main advantages of the black card over the transparent.



Special Features Of N26 Bank


N26 bank money beam feature. 

This a very cool feature, it will allow you to send money to other n26 account holders or friends without having to know their IBAN.

The app will figure out who’s using N26 from your contact list, and you will be able to send them money instantly.


Live Chat Support

If anything goes bad, or you have a problem they have a cool 24/7 customer support and live chat worldwide.


Transaction and transfers are faster.

In case you were to send a WIRE transfer using your regular bank it would take 1-2 days usually. With n26 bank sometimes it takes just a few hours.

app n26


Awesome to use with cryptocurrencies. 

If you are a coinbase user and or a cryptocurrency investor, N26 is accepted from any important exchange and validated bank for coinbase for instance.

To buy altcoins, which are cheaper than bitcoin and might have a nice return on investment, I suggest you use Binance.


Real-time push notifications.

You can set the minimum amount that you want to receive a push notification on your mobile, I have put $1, every time I use my card I get a notification.


Log in to your account with a fingerprint.

If you have an iPhone, you will be able to see your finance with your fingertip, you will be able to log in using your thumb.


Detailed expenses reports.

Every month, you will get a super detailed expenses statement, included with autogenerated tags and thumbnails. These reports will show you in a super minimalistic way everything you do with your money.

You can download those beautiful and minimalistic reports via your laptop in PDF format. This would make it super easy to pay taxes and have all your expenses categorized in a tidy way.

n26 transactions


Changing the PIN code

To withdraw and approve a transaction you will need always your smartphone to approve the transaction and a PIN code. You can change the pin code via the app, and it’ll change immediately.


Lost card.

If you lose your card, and you don’t lose your phone or laptop, you will be able to instantly lock your card via the mobile app or n26 bank website. This is so cool.


Payments outside of your country.

You can toggle off payments abroad from mobile or laptop.

You can set spending limits.

You can set spending limits from the app, and you will not be able to spend more than. You can also have an N26 savings account that will generate an interest like a regular bank.


N26 Bank USA | N26 Available in The US

If you are looking for an online bank, N26 bank will be available in the United States very soon. N26 is the best bank you can get, it will change the bank situation in America.

For now, you can open an N26 account from abroad, all you need is an address in Europe. In a few months, N26 will be available also in the USA. Fees are the lowest and I would suggest you sign up now, and open your N26 U.S. account here.


Why Do I Think That N26 Bank Is The Bank For The Minimalist?

I am sure that this bank is the perfect bank for a minimalist person, the first reason is how simple and good looking the credit card looks.

Then the simplicity to open an account is outstanding, you will have a free IBAN number in only 8 minutes or less. 

The reports of your expenses are so detailed and at the same time so clean an minimalistic, there is no contest with any other bank.

The fact that you can manage everything with your mobile phone and fingertip makes it so minimalist for me.


Faq Frequently Asked Questions


I Have No Address In The Eu Can I Open An Account?

Until mid of 2018 when will be launched also in the US and Canada you need a European address, if you can ship it to a friend is fine, as long as he can ship it to you.

If you are not from the EU, up in chapter 1.1.2 there is a list of not EU countries accepted to open an account. A list of the European countries where they are operating is here.


Is It A Mobile Online Bank Safe?

Absolutely yes, you will be able to monitor everything from your mobile phone or computer, you are going to be able to login with a fingertip and get notifications for everything.


Should I Get N26 Black?

If you travel a lot and spend more than $347 a month, having n26 could be a big advantage. You will be free of any fee worldwide, and free ATM WITHDRAWALS. Also, you will get travel insurance and lost card insurance. If you lose the card you will get paid basically.



In conclusion to this N26 bank article, I want to say that this is the best bank for a minimalist. There many reasons why I think this, some of them are listed above.




If you are skeptical, just open a free account now, you can always throw away the card if you don’t like it.

Opening an account is 100% free and this bank is awesome.


n26 bank open mobile bank account


Looking forward to more content, bookmark this blog. Share it with your friends and spread some rumors about it.


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8 thoughts on “N26 Bank | The Minimalist Mobile Bank”

  1. > 5 free ATM withdrawals with N26 Bank Basic Plan.

    A serious reason not to use this bank. I withdraw at least 10 times a month. Very few restaurants in Belgium take debit cards. Some take credit cards. You can only pay with cash in small stores, or be charged a surcharge for paying by debit card. No cafes/bars take cards.

    > N26 Black Bank offers free withdrawals.
    But for nearly 6 euros a month. That is shockingly expensive for a EU bank. My bank (KBC) is 1 euros a month, gives me free withdrawals, VISA, investments, is minimal, free SEPA transfers/direct debits.

    Still, their bank cards look nice and I opened an account 🙂

    Thumb Up
    1. I think that you’ve got the wrong bank then, withdrawals after the 5 free ones are super cheap.

      In Belgium, there is absolutely no one that doesn’t accept a debit card. Fees with N26 are super low and there is no card maintenance and any additional costs! All the SEPA and WIRE are free.

      Thumb Up
  2. I live in Liege and work in Bruxelles and I use cash every day. Did you ever leave Gent and visit the rest of Belgium? I’m sure you did.

    N26 looks like a good bank. In my opinion the costs for their Black account cannot compete with the established banks presently in Belgium.

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