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How To Live A Life Of Freedom With Affiliate Marketing

If your plan in life is to live a life of freedom and meaning and do not live in a 3rd world country you need to learn affiliate marketing.

Happiness is definitely not related to money, but still, in order to survive, you need money to have the lifestyle you are having.

By lifestyle, I mean that you are able to sleep in a warm/cold house, get 3 meals a day and you can take a shower.

hot air balloons in turkey

In order to keep these basic needs alive, you will need money.

Since the advent of the internet, many opportunities are opened to the humans.

In fact, if I am going to talk about affiliate marketing to my grandparents or even my parents they will never understand what is about.

And honestly, most of my friends don’t’ understand as well.

The Minimalist Boy is here today to talk about the only good alternative I have found to live a life of freedom and still having money.

This stuff is no taught at school, like 95% of the things that are giving you serious money and happiness.

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My little secret is called affiliate marketing, and here in this article, I am going to explain how this works.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?


Minimalist Boy Definition: Affiliate marketing is a partnership between you and a company, you will get a personal account with a personal link where you will be able to see the stats of the clicks on that link. If whoever clicks the link perform an action,(like filling in an email or buying, mainly) you will get a commission.


Practical examples are what a minimalist person loves to give to explain things.

So here you have one:

I am an affiliate for the N26 bank because I love it. It is beautiful looking and very minimalistic. It works on desktop and mobile and I think that is the only bank you need to have if you are trying to get the best bank.

It is 100% free with the basic account and the features are very simple. Since I love n26 I go to their site and I sign up for their affiliate program.

Once I am approved as an affiliate I will get a personal link like the one below.

Where aff_id=2241 is my personal affiliate ID number, and minimalistboy is a tracker code I have added to see from where the click came from.

n26 bank open mobile bank account

I can hide that link into a banner or a link like this one, sign up for n26.

If someone clicks on that link I will be able to see it! I will be able to see from where it came and if they paid and if I will get a commission.

If you decide to open a free awesome bank account it will cost absolutely zero money to you but I will get 40$ as an affiliate.

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you go to the footer of any company you like, you will see a button with written on it, affiliate program or partners program.

From there you can sign up and create your affiliate account. The first thing you need to do since you will probably work for many companies is to fill in your payout method.

That way if you forget about that specific company but a link that you placed somewhere one day will make money you will get automatically paid as soon as the commission is approved.

There are mainly two entities that can pay you as an affiliate:

  1. CPA or Affiliate Networks.
  2. Companies Websites.
  1. The first one is a network where you will be able to find thousands of offers from a lot of companies. The advantage is that you will get paid from them, and you don’t have to log in and log out on many websites. The disadvantages are that you might not find what you are looking for and for certain things they might pay you a little less.
  2. Companies websites instead offer an affiliate program and you will get paid from them if you promote their offers. Like in the case above I am promoting the N26 bank from their company affiliate account.

You should make an account with the services below right now, which are the best ways to get paid online:

affiliate marketing freedom


How To Make People Click My Links And Hopefully Buy Something.

You will get paid mainly for these actions that are performed after the link is clicked:

  • PPL (pay per lead) ⇒ you’ll get paid for an email. range [$0.01 – $15]
  • PPS (pay per sign up) ⇒ you will get paid if they pay for something. range [$30 – $1500]
  • REVSHARE ⇒ you will get a percentage of the sales until they buy. range [4% – 75%]

There are many ways you can drive traffic to your affiliate links.

  • Unsustainable ways.
  • Sustainable ways.

Some unsustainable ways are spamming, dropping links into social media profiles, bothering the shit out of people, cold calls, filling websites of pop-ups, redirects etc…

Sustainable ways are instead media buying, SEO, blogs, websites, e-mail list etc…

The best and most effective and free way to make money is via making a website like this one you are reading right now.

This is a niche site on minimalism, of course, people interested in minimalism are the ones less likely to buy.

But this is the way I am and even if you don’t buy anything from me as soon as the traffic will grow advertisers will beg me to put some ads on my site for a lot of money actually.

I have many websites and blogs online that are now making cash on autopilot so I have decided to dedicate more time to minimalism.

On this site, there are no ads, pop-ups or bothers but just a new way of thinking that everyone should practice.


Media Buying VS SEO

If you’ve got no patience and you want immediate results you need to become a media buyer. A media buyer is a person that spend money, sometimes a lot of money for paid advertisement.

One of the easiest to understand media buying examples is AdWords from Google, that will place ads on the search results each time you type for something.

google paid ads and organic research comparison

There are thousands of companies where you can create an account and buy banner spaces, or traffic from.

This is very expensive, and sometimes it can be very profitable but it can also drain your pockets. Here some other examples:

If you instead decide to build a website and learn SEO, it can take several years before your website will be shown on Google search results.

If you start a website today and write an article a week each week it might be shown on Google next year.

If you do the things the right way however your site will be shown on google first page for free and eventually you can make a huge amount of money.

When people search something on Google like ‘best waterproof laptop‘ the thing between the apostrophes is called a keyword.

If you rank on the first page for multiple keywords like that one you can make a lot of money. This is why you need to target long tail keywords.

i loved you before your instagram was pretty


Affiliate Marketing Strategy That Works

Google will rank your websites considering millions of factors, but a few very important ones are:

  • website load speed.
  • quality of content.
  • backlinks.

If you want to create a website, I have created a very long guide on how to do it. I suggest you read it completely. The first thing you need is a good hosting plan and domain.




You have total control over your website speed. If you are on WordPress you can follow many guides to optimize your site. You can test the speed of your site via gtmetrix.




Then you need to create awesome content, Google loves nice content and awesome articles. You should always write better stuff than what’s already there.

If you start a blog today your articles will rank after 1 year if you are targeting keywords and even better long tail keywords.

You need to make your site nice looking and attract people who will link to your content. The most links you will have on other websites linking to your site the more authoritative you will become.

For instance, if the new york times will write about the Minimalist Boy I will acquire authority. The more links you have like that one the more powerful your website will become.

These are called backlinks.

crunching numbers


Create Niche Sites

Creating niche sites or in other words, websites based only on onelong tail keyword‘ is the secret source.

If you make a website based for instance on ‘best boats to drive with no license‘. You can write a ton of articles and reviews about all of these boats.

Once you will start to rank on Google for people looking for this kind of boat if you are an affiliate of a boat company you can potentially earn huge commissions from new customers you introduce to buy a boat.

You can create multiple niches and write articles around targeted high volume search keywords.

The best way to see what keywords are searched on google is via google keywords planner.




Then I suggest you to learn how to use SEMrush as well. You can get a freemium version if you sign up with the button below.




If you need to optimize your sites for keywords and SEO semrush is a must having tool.



This is a big industry, I wanted to give you an overview of it and I have tried to explain how this is one of the few ways to achieve total financial freedom.

Of course, it would be even better to have unlimited money and not having to do this at all.

But if you are smart about it you can set up a few targeted websites that in a few years will make enough money for you to survive for decades.

If you are interested in this topic you should start to learn coding, WordPress, SEO and Affiliate marketing.

If you didn’t already you should start a website now, and here is a very good guide I have prepared a while ago.


If you have questions or something is not clear, please comment below. I didn’t want to make this article too long.

You should have by now an idea of how to make a profit online and how I am doing it with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is all about having links in the right spot at the right time in front of the right audience.

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