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The Counter Intuitive Thinking Super Powers

Counter intuitive thinking is a very powerful tool that we all have but we almost never use when it comes to facing important situations.

Every time you need to deal with a problem the first thing that your mind is doing is to try to use a rational solution that makes sense.

In fact, most of the times, we obtain the best results in life only if we use a counterintuitive approach in solving problems.

There are millions of theories about this, the most famous one is the yin and yang theory that basically claims that:

'good would be extremely bad if bad would not exist'. Click To Tweet


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You need to always have the other side of the coin in your game in order to achieve the top.

So without further ado, let’s try to understand the counter intuitive thinking superpowers.


What Is A Counter Intuitive Thinking Mindset?


Thinking to the worst, the opposite, the bad, the negative, the most inefficient solution is a counter intuitive thinking mindset.

You might ask, why the hell should I think to the worst things and worst solutions?

The reason is quite simple, but yet, hard to understand. The easiest way to understand this is thinking about life.

Would life still be awesome and people would yell YOLO or try to live the best life ever if death would not exist?

I am pretty sure that life would be shit, or at least it would be completely different from what we are used too.

We would not have any drive, worries about our health, we could postpone all of our tasks for the next century! Click To Tweet

We would not need to work because we can’t die and all the society where we are now probably would not exist.

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We would not have any motivation to evolve or doing better because we have unlimited time.

This counterintuitive approach applies also to minimalism. In order to enjoy things you always need to think about the negative side of them.


Counter Intuitive Thinking Examples


There are millions of examples that pop into my mind about this theory.

First of all, you need to understand what does counterintuitive mean.

The word counterintuitive meaning is quite simple:

It’s the exact contrary to what one individual would intuitively react!

From how we are programmed from nature, we are attracted to opposites so much, that this completely influences our life.

Here are some real-life examples of these counterintuitive principles.

If you are trying to seduce a beautiful and smart girl, and you are trying to be the nicest guy and the perfect boyfriend ever at the first dates, chances are that the girl will label you as a loser and she would lose interest.

Unless you are a super hot and rich bastard which could blur her reason and maybe you will seduce her. Click To Tweet

If you are a regular guy, an approach that might work is the one of acting the exact opposite as for someone very interested in that girl.

You could hit on her and say stuff like:

Hey, do you know I have the smallest penis in the country? (this would attract her attention way more than saying stuff like: you are beautiful!).

She would start to think that you are not interested in her at all, and this would attract her.

I am a boy, so this example is for boys. But if you are a girl you might notice that it’s true.

Another example could be the one when you are trying to solve a difficult problem. You are so focused on the problem that you often lose the purpose of it.

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Then, if you suddenly think as for a solution something very bad, suddenly it can happen that the solution will pop up from nowhere.


Counter Intuitive Thinking As A Spiritual Practice In Minimalism


You can start using this powerful technique also in minimalism.

Every time you need something, try to think at the counterintuitive effect that an object or an action is going to have on your life.

If you want a new car think about all the most negative aspects that a car can bring to you. Such as insurance bills, gas to pay, the risk to die in a car accident, etc…

This will motivate you not to buy a car if you don’t need it or in the case that you need it, it will make the process of choosing the right car for you more fluid and good.

You can try to use the counteractive law right now to solve any of the problems you are normally facing.

Use OneNote to take notes about all the different outcomes you will get using this approach.

I am pretty sure that you will gain more fame, money, and happiness.

All you have to do is to do the exact opposite a rational person would do to solve that. Click To Tweet

Of course, you can’t use counter-intuitive thinking as a spiritual practice to kill people you don’t like.

You will need to find the most appropriate counterintuitive action that will not get you in serious troubles.




Ultimately you can only completely embrace happiness and positive results if you are completely aware of both bad and good.

Using the worst solution in solving certain problems could lead you to good results at the end.

You will always have the same results in life if you are doing what everyone else does.

Get rid off your useless stuff, think out of the box and be a long term visionary.

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