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YOLO is a neologism created in 2012 that a lot of youngsters use to cause damage in this world.

A lot of young people is not mature and smart enough to take the right decisions and the misuse of this word caused troubles.

I am the first one that applies a YOLO lifestyle to my life but I am paying attention in the background to the consequences.

As a minimalist, you should live life to the fullest without thinking too much but you must also grow an intellectual thinking that will bring only good consequences to you.

Having less stuff around will make this easier, so now I am going to tell you what is YOLO.


What Does YOLO Mean


YOLO is the acronyms for:

You Only Live Once


eggs giving life to a plant

This is used a lot lately and it’s hard to believe but some people died for this as well.

It means that it doesn’t matter the consequences, you only live one time so just do it and fuck it.

Social networks, media and the popularity of this word created a lot of emphases when used that people lose their mind.

When kids hear YOLO from their cribs, an adrenaline rush runs through their minds and they mostly do foolish things.

You should always do foolish things but not only when you hear a word and just because someone else told you.

Sometimes words can work very similarly to drugs and all the bad stuff.

You need to become intolerant to the mass and learn to say no.

You are not going to be a swag if you jump from that building, or make pregnant a girl when you are 14 or tattoo a penis on your forehead.

If you had the chance to travel time, you will find out that those were mostly mistakes and that caused problems.

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How To Become Smarter

If someone yells YOLO at you, you should be smart about your move.

Try to think of things with this philosophy:

If you only live once, why risk ruining it with a rash decision?

Psychologist and experts said multiple times that when they hear or see #YOLO on some social media the event that is going to occur is going to be in most of the cases not intelligent and 90% reckless.

Being reckless is completely different from living life to the fullest.

A reckless move can lead you to death or to having to pay for the consequences for your life, that they will become suddenly miserable.

It doesn’t make any sense to do something only because you live only once if then you’ll be screwed.

The real YOLO meaning is restricted to smart people that know how to manage life.



Some YOLO Tweets Examples


Driving blindfolded #YOLO Click To Tweet

Let's climb that old building and jump #YOLO Click To Tweet

I have just ejaculated in my girlfriend because it felt good #YOLO Click To Tweet

Let's take a shit on the cop's car #YOLO Click To Tweet

Let's steal that motorcycle #YOLO Click To Tweet

My mom drives me nuts, I have decided to stab her #YOLO Click To Tweet

HIV doesn't exist #YOLO Click To Tweet

Let's do drugs #YOLO Click To Tweet




The buzzword YOLO can be a nice word and also a very bad word.

Most of the time the consequences of people yelling YOLO are reckless and no sense.

If you are 16 years old you should respect life the same way an old person respect his life.

When you will be 80 years old, probably only a few years will be left to your life but still, if you got to that age you had the respect of your life.

Living life to the fullest is not about doing things just for the sake of living like it was the last day but rather to make each day like the last one knowing into the deep there will be another day.

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