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How To Rank #1 Using Google WebMasters Tools

As you might know, I have started this blog exactly 2 months ago. I want to expose my stats from my Google WebMasters Tools Console.

I am going to do this so you can come back next year at the same time to see the results. I think that the Google WebMasters Tools are the only tool you need to use to rank first on Google.

I am writing this on a minimalist blog because people tend to buy many expensive tools or SEO agency.

 When in fact the only tool you really need is free.

I will expose my console to you since its start to get interesting, and then I will make another post when traffic will grow.

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I am pretty sure that in 1 years or so this website will reach a significant amount of traffic, and you can take this post as a reference.

If you are interested in how you can start a successful blog. Read my other article where I am explaining everything steps by step.




It’s an 11.000 words article, so take some time to understand it and send me a message if something is not clear.

In today’s article, we will talk about, how to rank #1 on Google using Google Webmasters Tools and completely for free.


What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) according to me. Are the rules that would make search engines like Google and  Bing happy to show the world your content.

If you want to learn SEO you should first start a website. Here is my awesome article on how to do it the cheapest and most efficient way. 

You should start a blog or a website because at least for me, the best way to learn something is by doing it. So it will make not so much sense to start studying SEO if you don’t actually put your feet wet with it.

google webmasters tools

Once you have your blog up and running following my tutorial on how to start a successful blog. You want to start thinking about how to make it visible online.

The easiest way to understand how to do that is simple:

You need to write content that people search for, better than someone else.

The best way to know if people search for something is by using the Google Keywords Planner. You can create an account for free now if you have a Gmail account.




Then if you type in there a query, it will show you how many people are searching for that query. And if it is a nice volume of searches a month you might think about writing something about it.

You don’t have to write something only because there is a high volume of searches a month. But instead, you should aim to the high volume of searches and high knowledge on that topic on your end.

Here, I’ve shrunk all the SEO world in a few words, but in reality, it’s a huge world.

Now let’s dive into another great tool.

Using this tool properly will boost your traffic to the next level. 

Get familiar with Google Webmasters Tools

I am here to tell you that if you master the google webmasters tools, you will not need a lot more to rank your site or blog. The first thing we need to do is to create an account with Google Webmasters Tools.




You must have a Gmail account, and it is very recommended to have a google analytics account as well in order to grasp more functionalities.

  • click on “add a property

Google needs to know that you actually own that website, so it will require you to verify your property. To do so I usually use the meta tag verification. Here a video from Google on how to do it.

  • Submit the sitemap to Google.

Once the property is verified, we need to submit the sitemap of our site to google. If you are using WordPress the URL would be something like this

This will tell Google that your website exists, and what URLs to crawl and analyze the content on so that it will show it to the right audience.

There are a lot more of setups you should do. But let’s say that to keep it simple those two are the one you must do. If you are interested in more just do some research.

How to utilize the Google Webmasters Tools To Boost Your Website

It will take a while before you can use it to boost your site. Google needs to look at your content first and see if it can be ranked. 

Here I am showing you for what this website, minimalistboy has been indexed up until now and ranked for certain keywords.

From this section of the webmaster’s tools, we can see what position our site ranks on Gooogle on average.

We can see that I rank first for “depression minimalist” which was the first article I have made. Since it was the first post, Google already has digested it.

And also, no one wrote about that but also there is no one looking at it yet, so it’s not a good keyword.

I am writing this blog not just to rank first but I want to add value and I am sure that Google will appreciate this soon.

In the first picture, we can see what to click to get to see these results, you might see nothing if your site is new.

In the second picture, you can see that I rank on position 59.3 for “teach English to chine students online“. What this would mean is that for that query, I will be shown on page 59, and no one probably will see that.

But for that keyword, we have 1900 searches a month, and If I did a good job I should rank on a better page soon.

For the keyword “N26” I am ranking on page 79, but the search volume is huge, 201.000 searches a month.

I am pretty sure that one will be a very great keyword to rank for.

The problem is that is just one word.  To have more chances to rank on the first page of Google we need to search from long tail keywords like on picture three. I am ranking on page number 9 for “N26 savings“.

How did I go to page 9 for “N26 savings”?

Here in this short paragraph, I will show you the trick on how to raise your website on top of Google results.

What you want to do is to create an article around a keyword the people search for. You must find out that results using Google Keywords Planner.

Once you have created the article around that keyword. Try to be sure that you did a better job than the other competitors, you leave it there to rank on Google.

google webmasters tools how to rank google

When some results will pop up on the Google Webmasters Tools. Like in my case “N26 savings”! You want to go back to your article and add a snippet of the article around that new keyword that popped up on the Google Webmasters Tools.

If you want to see my article here you have it, N26 bank minimalist mobile bank.

You can see that just on top of this “N26 Bank USA | N26 Available in The US“. I’ve added a little snippet including “N26 savings account” keyword in this snippet of the article.

I have added that just a few weeks ago to the existing article. 

If you are going to do this every day for all the new keyword that are popping out in the console you can be sure that if there is search volume you will rank.

I will make another post in 6 months here and will show you the progress of this website. If you follow this simple but yet super powerful tool advice, you will rank first on Google.

Do not try to copy my keywords and or articles because you will be screwed for life. Google knows if you copy and or look at other websites keywords for what they rank for.

Tips and Tricks

In my case for the N26 article. I have just added new stuff when I saw it popping up on the Google Webmasters Tools Search Console.

At first, I was ranking on page 152 for “N26 savings”, then I have added the little snippet including the keyword from the console and I went to position 9.

This keyword has no competition and no search results. But it might have it in the near future, for some reasons I have researched for. When people will search for that I will be already well positioned.

Here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Never make another article with the same keyword on your website.
  2. Just add content to your existing article.
  3. Do not fill in too many keywords.
  4. Try to keep the new snippet you add clean and not saturated with the new keyword.
  5. Do not try to cheat.
  6. Aim for a keyword that is actually searched.
  7. If you find a keyword that is searched a lot, you can think of adding a bigger snippet, even a few subheadings.
  8. Download the CSV from the Google Webmasters Tools Search Console and put a date on it.
  9. Control the previous results ideally every day or at least once a week.
  10. When new keywords are popping up be promoted to add a piece of content to your respective articles.


There is a ton more to say about the Google Webmasters Tools. It will probably require a 200 pages article to cover everything. I advise you to look at any link and settings in the webmaster’s tools. The information on it has so much value.

But the most important trick that I have found out for other websites I own to boost my page ranks, is described in this article.

If you are not very familiar with these things, just comment below or contact me. I can instruct you and tell you how to do it without any problems.


In this article, I have talked about how to use the search console to improve your website position on Google search results.

In a few words this trick can be explained like this:

  1. Create an article using the Google Keyword Planner.
  2. Find stuff that the people search for.
  3.  Create a Google Webmasters Account.
  4. Wait time for Google to Crawl your website. (it can be months)
  5. When results are popping up in the console, add a snippet of an article around the keywords that you see in the console.
  6. Do not stuff too much and too many times the keyword, just 1 time or 2 if it has a high search volume is enough.

google webmasters tools ranking #1

If you are looking forward to more content, Bookmark this blog. Share it with your friends and spread some rumors about it. Also, make a comment, I’m curious to know what you think about this.

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