how does a minimalist make money

How Does A Minimalist Make Money?

A minimalist never asks that question to himself, a minimalist is a long-term thinker and yet he’s living in the present moment.

If you are wondering what’s the relationship of a minimalist with money and how does a minimalist make money you are in the right place, maybe.

What I have been writing on this blog are mainly my thoughts and my opinion about certain topics.

Some of these topics are complex and involve you to have experienced extremely good and extremely bad situations in life.

I am not a psychologist nor someone who wants to be right, so don’t take any of my articles as the truth.

Try to think with your own mind and take advantage of my insights. It took me a lot of suffering and experiences to reach to this point.

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Now I am going to tell you what’s a good approach you can use to start living a meaningful life and not worrying about the money.


Minimalist Money


Being alone and with no money is terrifying these days.


We are all living in a world where having a lifestyle and possibly luxury things and money is very important. Click To Tweet


Not for me, but this can bring me problems sometimes especially when I am not surrounded by people that think the same way I do.

I personally don’t think it’s important to buy clothes or appearing in a certain way.

All I want in life is to be able to get older and have experienced the most out of life.

Thank god there are still some tribes in this world where the internet and the modern world did not touch them.

If you go visit them you will never feel the stress we feel in the modern world.

These guys are living the present moment trying to get food and living happy and meaningful days.

As a minimalist, your relationship with money should be long-term.

These are the simple steps you should follow in order to live with no anxiety of money:

  1. understand how much money you need to live your life.
  2. do not use the money to buy things that will bring you, anchors.
  3. live in the present and be aware of the long-term future.

The 3rd step is probably the hardest to accomplish and yet the more powerful.

searching for happiness


How Does A Minimalist Make Money?




Having something you are passionate about will make you money.

So now that you know how to make money, how to find ‘Passion‘?

If you wake up in the morning trying to find ‘Passion‘ you will probably end up getting crazy.

It’s not a case that the word passion derives from the Latin word: ‘Passio‘ which literally means suffering.

What I like to think about that word is that not having a passion will make you suffer, and finding your passion for some people is just suffering.

A lot of people knowns that having a passion is what will save them in life. So they start looking at complex mechanism dogmas to find the passion.

By the time you do that, you make your world more complex than what it really is and in most of the cases you end up depressed and worst then before.

Passion needs to be something that you have inside of you and it can be anything:

  1. helping the poor people,
  2. eating food,
  3. talking to certain kind of people,
  4. fishing,
  5. driving around,
  6. etc…

how does a minimalist make money

A minimalist spends money to buy freedom, you can read Where Do Minimalists Spend Money?.

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So How To Make Money?

Talking about me, I have tried any kind of job, studied any kind of subjects, met many different cultures and people.

I was friend with a wide range of persons from the drug addict junkie, to the semi-religious ones to the business owners.

I gave all of these categories the same weight and tried to learn from listening to each of them.

This taught me that the drug addict junkie and the business owner, ultimately in front of life are both powerless.

All of these people helped me understand many things.

Right now, I ended up building massive websites that help people with a specific problem.

I put my knowledge across the internet, people then buy certain things and I make several streams of passive incomes.

Do I like that?

Right now yes, but I don’t know if in the future I would still like that, there are days that spending over 19 hours a day in front of the computer almost killed me.

But I knew in my mind that all of these sacrifices would bring me freedom one day.

This is actually not 100% good, because still, in order to achieve freedom I have sacrificed endless days in front of the computer wasting my life in front of a screen alone.

This is the price to pay if you want to live in a modern society—but the difference between me and you is that all the stuff I ‘ve created and done was actually fun to do.

I keep eating very good food, exercising and when I feel down I go and take a random trip to recharge the batteries without the need of asking a boss.

There were many days that I thought:

Oh man, this life is killing me, I’d rather be a farmer, be in contact with nature and work with my hands, but then I realized that taking care of a plant is not for me.

violin and passion

I really enjoy the freedom a lot and I can not live anchored to something that needs care.

Right now I am having serious troubles finding a girlfriend that understands me. The last time I went on a date I felt like I was just losing time.

Girls and Boys in 2019 are focused on things I am not. They all have a lifestyle far close from mine, and they have no ambitious ideas or dreams even in their young ages.


People’s FAQs


  • What’s your job?

(I get asked many times when I get outside).

I reply I make websites that make money.

And then, I get asked:

  • So if you have money and you make money, why are you driving a shitty car and wearing old clothes?

I reply because they still do their job and I don’t need new stuff, they don’t understand, they really don’t understand.

It looks like getting more stuff, debts and problems are something you must do to live a good life.

Almost none of the people I know is a long-term thinker when it comes to finances.


Budgeting 101

A simple list to help your budgeting:

  1. find out your needs and costs,
  2. make the money you need via your passion,
  3. don’t buy stuff if you don’t have the money,
  4. buy only things you really need,
  5. use your time to grow.

Finding out your costs is the main thing. You don't want to waste time making 100k a month if you just need 1k. Click To Tweet

Your passion does not need to be a struggle to find. Whatever comes from you with ease and gives you joy is/are your passion/s.

Things you buy needs someone to take care of. Choose not to buy things you don’t really need every day.

There is a lot of people I know that is lucky enough to be retired or that just have a lot of free time. Most of these people never read a book or tries to improve in life.

They are all sitting on a chair, watching or playing some crap and let life slowly kill them.

Right now in 2019 is impossible to get bored, just get on Amazon and you can download millions of free audible books you can listen in your car.

Thousands of Kindle books and everything you want can be yours for free in a matter of seconds, without wasting space in your house thanks to the digital world.

Take advantage of the technology to educate yourself day after day, this will bring you money and fame without you needing to chase it.

People love to give to skilled people money if you have skills and passion money will come with no efforts.

I mean there will be a lot of efforts you need to do, but they will have no weight since they are what you love to do.




Our generation is the most stressed, tired and mentally unstable ever existed.


There are studies that refer to the fact that #stress is caused because we have to many possession to take care of. Click To Tweet


Your main goal in life should be to grow as a better person. Constantly learn and be a long term thinker that makes money through what brings you joy and that you can call a Passion.

There is no need to rack one’s brains, you know your passions as soon as circumstances make you feel good.

The more you try to pursue your passions the less you will find the real and inner passion that will make you money.

Your minimalist money will come as long as you are truly happy and satisfied and you will think long term.

Once you start to feel the benefits of owning less stuff and earning less you will also become wiser, smarter and happier in order to survive, and you will automatically earn more.

finding your passion

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